15 Ways To Improve Your People Skills

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15 Ways To Improve Your People Skills
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:23:31 AM »
People skills refers to the skills that ensures you have kept the pace with others and you are always remembered. Speaking and interactions with others shows your ability. Here, service industry is the best place to work with your improving people skills. Get your name out is the ultimate goal of people skills. Remember that being good with people does not only imply that you have a gift for the gab, but that you know what to do with it.

Here I have sorted out 15 superior ways to improve your people skills to get your name out.

Be clear with your tone

Clear expressions of your words are the most important thing that generates you to achieve people skills. A social or professional act requires you to be clear with your speaking abilities. If people cannot understand your words which are complicated and not clear it may throw you to the trash item of the society.

Grow up to speak out

Always keep yourself in searching of the opportunities to speak up your thoughts and ideas wherever you eventually can take a part. Contributions are very important to evaluate you within a particular domain. So, you must have to grow up with sufficient knowledge and learning, which will let you to contribute yourself wherever required.

Analyze the people around you

People are the key factor for the achievement of people skills. It is very importance to understand that people have different upbringings and backgrounds. That's why Europeans tend to refuse an offering the first time you ask, even if they want to say yes. Such analyzation for different people from different area works at your workplace or remains at your social life. You must gather a proper idea about your surroundings peoples.

Match with people’s perception

This is just a prelude to comprehending that we are different and shouldn't judge others based on a simple glance. You have to be able to disagree with someone, and still work together to be productive. As example, Iranian people do not like thumbs up sign that is an appreciation or ok indication. For them, this is a very bad sign. So, if you are going to have a social or professional relation with an Iranian you agree or not you must have to be careful with your attitude.

Improve your convincing ability

Different opinion with someone intends you to persuade him to keep respect your perception or change his own opinion. But if you're still stuck on the same point as you were at the beginning of the conversation, then you haven't convinced him of much.

Adopt rather than change

It is not the right motive to have a radical change to others point of view and adopt yours, especially in a group. So the best approach is to keep an alarm of your views on others always, to let them think once more about it and get the deserved respect about your idea. Then, on a personal level, it will be easier to convince them and bring them to your side of the playground.

Priories your problems

When you can fix your problems which have to be solved first you are more capable with the interaction with others.

Learn by conflict management

Conflict is very useful in itself, as long as it doesn't turn into destruction. The point of an argument is to settle on an improvement of the current situation. A win-win scenario is preferable, but don't be stressed and refuse to adapt even if you are confirm that you are entirely right. As long as the company profits from the decision, everyone treated as right.

Be positive always

Positive approach is very important to represent your stability. So, whatever happens in your kitchen never react as a food thrower.

Control your emotions

Our emotions are our enemies. If you feel your pressure rising when you disagree on a topic, take a second to breathe and put your emotions aside, as they may clutter your logical train of thought. If you see that the other person is clearly pushing your buttons in order to make you lose it, then simply walk away and resume the conversation at a later time, but not without telling him what you think.

Use gestures

Use proper gestures; as body languages that represent your interpersonal skills. To keep the eyes of the audience on you, you have to be good with your body languages.

Adapt the change, do not leave it

A stubborn man will remain so all his life. But nothing says that you can't bend or shift your views a little to smooth things out. If you're going head to head with your project manager about a specific task, make the most of his comments and listen to what he has to say. Remember that what's best for the company might not necessarily be best for you.

Establish “We” rather than “I”

Team effort is the best effort to keep oneself safe from future critics. This is a good technique for maintaining a positive work environment and maintaining clear communication channels.

Learn to react

People will always have different opinions about matters, but this doesn't mean that nothing positive can come of them. You have to learn to adapt to people and play with the dynamics of the conversation. Learn to react quickly.

Plan to survive

Whoever has got a plan, never turned back? This attitude is the survival theory towards our social or professional life. Proper planning and implementation is also the heart of gathering people skills.

Md.Shahadat Hossain Mir
Senior Administrative officer
Department of Law
Daffodil International University
Campus -3 ( Prince Plaza)
Mail: shahadat@daffodilvsarity@diu.edu.bd

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Re: 15 Ways To Improve Your People Skills
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Very informative.