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This suggestion/Discussion is taken from our HSA FB group.

Samiul Azam Shobuz,
for Duke University
Faced a Skype Interview few minutes ago. Question was 1. What is your research interest? 2. What research experience have you got? 3. Do you have any teaching experience? 4. Do you know any graduate student in our University? 5. How you heard about us? 5. Are you familiar with PhD course requirement? After they gave lecture about their University and PhD program. They are very friendly. Interview duration was 31 minutes.

Skype Interview faced by another person
1. Why you have selected this university?
2. What is your research interest?
3. What research experiences you got?
4. What are you doing currently? (If you are doing job) what is your job profile?
5. Which university you've passed from?
6. What is your future plan?

March 26, 2013
1. How have you learned about this University?
2. I see you are employed, What is your job responsibility?
3. In your undergrad research, you have done theritical models, have you developed any computational model? Which Software?
4. I work on Computational Models, It takes both Mathmatics and Enginerring? Which courses have you taken on these? Are you experienced with (.......) software? What level?
5. Are feel intersted to research such field?
6. Do you know about weather here?
7. How long does it takes to get Student Visa in BD? We usually issue I-20 in late april.
8. I would be happy to answer your queries, I think you have some.

Hasmat Ullah ( October 30, 2012)
I have faced a Skype interview on University of Houston Last night. I got a set of questions for interviews from my seniors and got most of the questions from these. I am sharing the list of questions for those who are going to face Skype interview. I think you'll get around 80% questions from this list

1. Why you have selected this university?
2. What is your research interest?
3. What research experiences you got?
4. What are you doing currently? (If you are doing job) what is your job profile?
5. Which university you've passed from?
6. What is your future plan?

Tips: Before facing interview, check professor's research interests and read all of his/her published papers. They may ask any relevant question about your research interest but they wouldn't ask lot of questions from your books.

Hasib Ayon
I have had several skype interviews with professors in the last few months. From my experience,
1st, they ask why I am interested in their work and why.
2nd, he will go through your CV very thoroughly which means they will ask you about your papers/ any specific project/ language/ tool that you use.
3rd, he might go through your transcript and ask what you have studied/ implemented in lab on several courses which are related to his field of interest. Finally, he might ask you 10/15 basic questions on those subjects (BTW it is very rare). So try to be clear with him about your contribution on your publication/project/thesis. Also try to have a clear idea about the basic conceptual ideas of those subjects. Best of Luck. BTW, which country and which university and what is his AOE?

Alienqueen Marwah
 PROF. actually asked me some general ques. he asked me d reasons 4 applyng to that prgm, chosng tht subject, my research experience, objective, applications of my work. wt i ll do in order to extend my project to make it suitable 4 thesis or doctoral progrm. at d very begnng of my study wt i read abt science tht drive me 2 study bio. why i choose to be Genetic eng bt not a lawyer or mech eng. and many more.

Md Milon Hossain
My case was different. My prof (Canada) first asked me some formal question like name, location, time in BD (Dhaka) etc. Then he told me to open my CV on computer and he also opened my CV (sent with first mail)on his comp. then he asked everything from my CV like my publications, work experience sequentially (did not miss a single point). Then he asked me "are you comfortable in writing report?" you have to write your progress regularly. Then what is your future planning?. The interview was 37 mins long.

Md Abu Manju
I have an experience facing the same skype interview. Don't be worried and try to make a good preparation about your own papers and if they sent any papers to you. Try to answer only the questions they will ask not any more. Good luck for you. Also try to make preparation about the topics that they stated in the application when you applied for this position. I think you will be success and take it as a simple matter....

Iftekhar Alam Rinku
Recently I have faced a skype interview. Please have a close look on your own research activities (e.g. Thesis/Research papers). In case of me, professors asked several questions related to my master thesis and journal papers. They were also curious about the software I used in my research. Please don't be pressured. Just be relaxed and try to talk with him naturally. Wish you all the very best...

Masud Hussain Junior
As all others suggested, focus on your own research experiences/works. I faced an interview recently, where the main questions were:
1. Details of two research works that I mentioned in SOP
2. What is my current specific research interest?
3. What job I am doing and my responsibilities there.
4. Why am I choosing that university?
5. Why am I pursuing Ph.D.?

So, you can mostly prepare answers for these types of questions.

Anik Iqbal
skype interview is quite common. nothing to worry about. just remind yourself of what your qualifications and career goals are. recall what you wrote in your SOP. they will ask you questions and you will answer them as best as you can. it will basically be like chatting. don't feel scared, professors are very friendly.

Fazlur Rahman Tuhin
I can share my experience, I am from different background though. it was really comfortable...they did not ask me any scientific/difficult question..but wanted to know about me..what kind of person I am, my strength. weakness, why did I apply to that particular university and that particular program, which labs I am interested in and why, what preparation I took to pursue PhD, what is my motivation, what is my ultimate plan in my career..more other questions I forgot..I would say like Mohiuddin Ahmed just be relax and comfortable..be clear about your research interest. know the labs well in which you are interested in..

Saeed Sabbir(06 dec 2013)
Had a 30 minute conversation last night with two professors of Michigan State. Just want to share. There were some specific questions like

1. Describe study and working background
2. Specific experience about landscape ecology and hydrology
3. Which tools I have used for analysis in GIS and RS
4. What I expect from graduate study
5. What is my future plan
6. Which attracts me most of the project and
7. How do I feel to work in a team (with example)

Hope that it will help. Cheers...

Ahmedul Kabir
I am telling this from my own experience ... They like to chit-chat first, make u comfortable before getting serious. Then they ask u about ur experiences: projects/theses that u have done that are relevant to his field. He asks about your future research plans or interests. He also allows you to ask questions about his own research, or the program at his University. In my case, he gave me a problem and asked me how I would solve it. They're generally very helpful, and do not try to embarrass you in any way. Just be confident, do some research on the type of things the Prof likes to do, prepare a couple of questions to ask him, and revise the basics of the subject of your interest.

Noyon Azad
I have had two of those skype interview experience. And I have done pretty well on both occasion. What I did, I just gone through the research topic on which the professors were working on. I searched relevant article on google scholar, wiki. So, when the actual interview happened, I was not in the dark at all. I tried to answer question in short and brief and to the point. I never tried to pretend of knowing anything which I didn't know. I hope this helps. Cheers

Ziaul Haq Adnan
Iowa State University (Dept. Industrial and System Engineering). Fall 2014
Scheduled time was 15 min only
2 professors sitiing.
Let us fix the camera. I am dr.. and I am dr..We r going take a short interview where you have to share some of your background and why are you interested in our school.
My answer:……
We see, you have a journal paper , in which you are the second author. What was your exact contribution to that research? Either literature review or methodology?
In which area you want to do further research.
It is a vast area. Can u specify any topic?
What is your career goal after completing phd?
What is your favourite subject?
What is your least favorite subject?
Have u ever worked as a RA or TA?
Do you have any question for us?
The admission decision is a long process.We have to decide about your admission and funding whether RA or TA. It should take about 2 weeks. Thank you very much .

Source : Internet (HSA Group)

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