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Hello Students!!!

Our university is going to get another step forward to find us completely automated. For this time the existing teaching performance appraisal will be online basis. As in previous cases we got your every participation and cooperation in all respects in employing automation, in this case also we are confident that we will be able to implement this system properly with your cooperation.

All of you are requested to use DIU Browsing Lab and complete the teaching performance appraisal form within 10 (Ten) days starting from today, otherwise, your final result will be withheld.

As you are beginner to this system, you will receive guidance and technical support in the lab to complete this work properly.

We expect your cooperation.

Thank you all.

Your results will be published only if you complete the teaching evaluation.


Students are behaving positively. And hope they complete the evaluation on time. 

it will help to increase students technical skill.


You are right Mr. Nasir. 


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