Earn Income from your skills

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Earn Income from your skills
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:50:12 PM »
Earn Income from your skills !

English is not your mother tongue but you can read and understand this.
You know how to drive a car but don’t have a driver’s license.
The above are just two examples of skills that you can benefit from without being “certified”
You’re in a foreign country and need to ask directions. What good will a “Certificate of English Proficiency” do if you don’t really know how to speak English?

You are going somewhere in a vehicle and the driver collapses. You are young and don’t have a driver’s license but know how to drive. You can now drive to the hospital yourself!

Mind you we are not advocating driving without a license but just talking about “reality” and the benefit of having a skill.

The new millennium and the internet age has now made it possible for people across the world to stay at home and find work from wherever they are! Mr. Kofi Annan the former UN Sec. Gen. said it best: "What is so thrilling about our time is that the privilege of information is now an instant and globally accessible privilege. It is our duty and responsibility to see that gift bestowed on all worlds’ people so that many may live lives of knowledge, understanding and prosperity."

If you have a skill, can speak English and have access to the internet, you can find work and get paid for it too!  Regardless of where you live.

On the internet you will find many “online outsourcing marketplaces” where “Buyers or “Providers” post tasks quickly and easily, and skilled “Sellers or Experts” bid on the tasks that interest them or match their skills. Buyers and Sellers then collaborate with each other to complete the tasks, making use of an innovative suite of online tools. The “marketplace’s” payment system ensures the payment of Sellers, protecting both Buyers and Sellers both.

Why travel to find work, when you can deal with businesses online? These online outsourcing marketplaces let you earn money online by providing access to work opportunities anywhere in the world. It's the easiest way to connect with businesses that want to outsource tasks to people with your skills.

Following is a list of some online outsourcing marketplaces that you can benefit from. There are many more on the internet. Best of Luck!

Work awaits you!

Source: Internet.
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