Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

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Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:08:32 PM »
Page Ranking is a compute from 0 to 10 that Google thinks how important a website or page of a website is. Any web page having a PR of 10/10 is extremely important whereas a page having a PR of 0/10 isn’t important. It changes only one time in every 3-4 months. You must find out the way by which you can improve the page rank of your web pages so that you can bring in free online traffic from Google as well as other search engines over the web. Typically web pages having greater Page Rank can get much better ranks in SERP’s. Continue reading to find out some of the steps to improve your page ranking of your web pages which can be simple enough to carry out with time.

Get Quality Back links to your website

The best method to enhance your PR probably won’t make any difference instantly; however it can produce a huge improvement over time. The PR of your web pages is dependent a great deal on the good quality of websites back linking towards your website. All the major search engines are depending intensely on links added on other websites linking towards your web page to determine which website pages are valuable of taking position in the top 10 results of Google on the specific keywords. They observe a link on an external website like a vote for your website, therefore growing the quantity of external back links is the best method to get a higher PR for your web page. This could include Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Forum Posting, Classified Posting, etc.

To be able to construct a higher PR you have to focus on quality of external links too. Submit link of your website to high page ranked and popular websites which are relevant your website’s niche. Such as, a back link coming from a website having a PR of 5 will consider value compared to a link coming from a PR3 website. Make an effort to add link to higher page ranked websites.

Add Fresh & Quality Content

Adding new web pages to your website that have unique content is also the important way to convince high PR from Google and also to obtain increased visitors. Create new web pages in the website, add content into your website as much as you can & link your new created web pages to external high PR sites (including RSS submission websites, blog commenting, social bookmarking etc ). The more Google indexes your new web pages in your website, the better PR it will deliver to your website and that particular web page. Google gives web page having unique content faster rankings in its search engine that will help to obtain both PR and targeted traffic from search engines each time. Make an effort to create a post with unique content daily or once a week, as a result improving the quantity of traffic in your website.

Add a Sitemap & Submit to Google Webmaster Tools

Sitemap helps a great deal to give the details of the web pages to search engines. It behaves as a guide leading robots to crawl the content in your website, letting them index the web page faster and precisely. There are two types of sitemaps, one is text based sitemap and the other is XML sitemap. Google follows XML sitemap to find out the path of your web pages located in sitemap. Make a XML sitemap, sign up to Google Webmaster account and submit your sitemap there, the webmaster account will also help you a lot in increasing the PR of your web pages.

Create a Crystal Clean Website

If your website contains broken links or 404 errors then you must check and delete that links from your website or redirect them to another page. Broken images and grammar mistakes in the text are also bad symptoms of your website’s authority. This is an essential step of getting higher PR, because if you do such mistakes then Google will bear in mind that this website has poor content and it can also stop your website from indexing. Always create an error free, grammar free and make coding that is W3C validated.


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Web Directory Link Addition Tips & Tricks
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Directory submission helps a great deal to obtain quality rank and traffic to your site. There are several benefits if your site is listed in many quality directories. First of all, if the site is added to a several web directories, then your site will probably be listed in the search results of major search engines way quicker. Secondly, the site will certainly get higher Google page ranking as well as link reputation. Thirdly, many people carry out searches mainly in the high ranked directories, because they consider that only websites approved from the directories possess quality information. Lastly, several internet directories deliver great visitors to your website.

Proper Category Selection

Every Web directory is has main categories and each category has many sub categories where websites are listed after approval. When you open a directory website, take some time to look through the directory to search for the category and sub category which best matches to the purpose your website, as it’s vitally essential to select the proper sub category, because website addition in the inappropriate category or sub category will probably lead to rejection as well as decrease in future visitors. In case there’s two categories or sub categories that will be best fitted to your website, then select that category/sub-category which contains minimum listed websites, or perhaps select that category/sub-category that possess greater pr.

Creating Title

Essential tips for writing title of a website are as follows:

1. The title of the website has to be brief (around 20 to 63 characters) as well as highly relevant to the business of the website or the main keywords. A lot of directory websites demand to add your website’s name in the title field.

2. It must be purposeful and contain primary keywords in it but don’t make a list of keywords in title.

3. Many directory websites contains alphabetical results, therefore try to list first in the alphabet. If it is not possible easily then don’t try to modify title only for this particular goal.

4. Don’t include promotional terms such as ‘finest’, ’leader’, ’perfect’, ’ideal’, ‘best’ as well as any kind of other overstated words. The admin of the directory website doesn’t have enough time to make sure that the website is actually the ‘perfect’.

5. Be sure that your main keyword must exist in the title.

6. Title must not be in caps.

7. There should as well be a relationship relating to your title with the category you select.
Adding Link

Essential tips for writing title of a website are as follows:

1. Almost all directories will not likely approve a website which redirects to a different web page. Add the main URL only.

2. Don’t add empty links or links which contains no content.

3. Many directories approve home page of the website only, not the internal URL’s of the website, therefore kindly add link of the main page, not a link directed to your website’s internal pages.

Now directories are generally adding a forward slash after the domain name like Keep in mind to add this at the end of link.

Many web directories do not approve listings that are running in free hosting servers like blogger etc… Don’t add that domains because it will be deleted.
Creating Description

Essential tips for writing description of a website are as follows:

1. Almost all the directories demand a short description between 100 – 250 characters – which is around 10-25 phrases approximately. This description will likely be shown under the URL of the site on the particular sub category.

2. Describe the overall short theme of the website. Explain the content on the website, not the related business.

3. Never talk about any kind of pricing rates or even any sort of alternative advertising information which tend to be alter with time period.

4. Description must include the main keywords in appropriate place and also describe exactly what the website is related to. You possess a quite less characters to explain the purpose; therefore you will need to make each and every word precise.

5. Don’t capitalize the first character of all words in the description.

Don’t finish the description by writing ‘etc’ or ‘…’
Adding Unique Email Address

Most web directories demand your email in order to verify your URL addition within a limited time after submitting the link or web listing will be instantly removed. There are many directory websites that do not approve websites in which the email added belongs to Gmail, yahoo, msn or any other free account hosting servers. You must utilize the email which have the exact same website domain and check and verify your email after add the listings.

That’s all about a quality submission have. I hope you enjoyed this.

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Re: Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank
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Rely, It was excellent.Thanks for this kind information.

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Re: Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank
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Re: Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank
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amadare position valo acha, aro valo kor ta hoba, ata sobar casta tak ta hoba

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Re: Important Tips to Increase Google Page Rank
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