Romney: Raise The Minimum Wage

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Romney: Raise The Minimum Wage
« on: May 10, 2014, 06:32:33 PM »
Mitt Romney wants his party to embrace raising the minimum wage, he told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today.

Unlike other members of his party, he felt "we ought to raise it," the two-time presidential candidate said. Romney said it was important for the GOP to communicate to workers, and, in particular, to Hispanics, their commitment to job growth.

"I . . . believe that key for our party is to be able to convince the people who were in the working population, particularly in the Hispanic community, that our party will help them get better jobs and better wages. And, that's what our party's beliefs do," he said.

By contrast, Romney maintained the policies of the Democratic party had not worked to help Hispanic and African-American families.

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"The Democratic party has shown that, over the past five years of their leadership, income inequality has become worse," he said. "Minority families have been the most hard hit during these past five years."

On Benghazi, Romney said is "appropriate" for Republicans to use investigations, such as those into Benghazi and the IRS, for election campaigns.

Romney stressed that the investigations would not be taking place if Republicans did not have a majority in the House.

"There would not be an investigation into Benghazi, there would not be an investigation into the IRS, were there not a Republican House. And, so to say, 'Look, elect Republicans so that we can have these kinds of investigations' is appropriate," the former Massachusetts governor told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The issue of using the probe of the 2012 bombing in Benghazi, Libya, for fundraising purposes came to light after a letter using the attack as a backdrop appeared on the National Republican Congressional Committee website as part of a fund raising appeal, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Story continues below video.

Democrats have blasted Republicans as conducting a partisan "witch hunt" with the select committee appointed to investigate the Benghazi attack. Some Democrats have threatened to boycott the committee, while others have criticized the uneven number from each party on the panel.

Romney said the Benghazi investigation was valid because "there are questions that have to be answered that have not yet been answered" about the incident. He also maintained that the administration of President Barack Obama had "apparently withheld certain information" about the bombing where four Americans died.

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