Tips to avoid Google Penalization for Over On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Author Topic: Tips to avoid Google Penalization for Over On-Page Search Engine Optimization  (Read 3529 times)


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Over SEO’ed problems have already been popular for a long time, but Matt Cutts (Head of the spam team in Google) has plainly introduced some cutting edge problems for those websites which are excessively SEO’ed for building listings on Google SERPs as well as on other search engines but these kinds of sites will probably be punished by being thrown out of search engine results. If you’ve not still been aware of the newest search engine optimization guidelines, you need to get on it quickly in order to prevent Google’s punishment of over optimization. It will always be recommended to stay in touch with the latest news about SEO as well as improve your site using the rules & successful search engine optimization strategies. The following tips will guide you in order to prevent over optimization of your website

Do Not Make Content for Search Engines

Good quality as well as unique content will always stay with any kind of upcoming improvements of Google along with other search engines. Websites which are mainly prepared for Search engine optimization usually look confusing, filled up with lots of keywords and therefore are hard to understand. Google’s way of crawling also determines how many times the keyword is utilized, in case the keyword density is over 3% in a web page then the search engine ranking will probably cut down or else website can be banned for doing this. Always write content which is understandable and filled with reliable details for the visitors. Place keywords exactly where they are needed to accommodate with the content. If you are able to develop unique as well as quality articles then you’re all right with this particular update of Google.

Do not use keywords related to any Brand name

Google is showing brand associated websites in Search engine ranking positions. If anyone copies the name of any big brand and publishes his website for the same purpose to trick the visitors of the original brand then Google will block that kind of website immediately after realizing it.

Don’t Add Auto Generated Doorways

Doorway web pages don’t have any significance for visitors, in fact they are particularly created for the search engines. They are used to cheat visitors to get into the website. Google doesn’t provide them position in search results which include auto generated doorway web pages linked with them. Consequently stay away from adding them in your website entirely.

Don’t Add Hidden Text in Web Pages

In order to gain position in search results, webmasters usually add some hidden anchored text containing keywords for search engines to crawl them in order to increase page rank on individual pages. Don’t ever do this ever in your website because you’ll see your website stripped away from the Google search engine results entirely on all keywords.

If you’re punished by Google, it will take away your website from its SERPs. As soon as you modify the essential improvements and send the explanation to Google for the punishment to disappear, it will likely be take several weeks ahead of your site will be restored in the SERPs. So stay away from receiving any kind of penalty from Google.


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