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Re: Students' Story Writing Project
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My special thanks to students.  :) :)

I enjoy reading Run. ...

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Re: Review of the story "Kidnapping"
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Review of the story "Kidnapping"


A title is a focal point of a story. So the title “kidnapping” is notified as a focal point of this story which is in fact taken from our everyday life. As we know that the title of a story starts with capital letter but this story’s title starts with small letter. According to me it may be named better if the title should be started as “A KIDNAPPING”. In fact I also find that the title of this story is not italicized according to the rules of short story. But I think the naming of the story is rightly done.


The theme of the story is based on social matter which reveals the reveals the real appearance of so called civilized persons wearing mask in our everyday life. The story shows to us that being lustful how a person loses his or her humanity and morality. In fact the story tells us about the demoralized society. Simply to say that the story is very common not exceptional one which we usually watch in the T.V reality shows like crime petrol or crime alert. The story starts with Jayoita , a graduate lady, joined as an English teacher in a renowned English Medium School in a city who in fact came from a poor family. Some of her students felt love for her because she was young and beautiful. But she avoided those proposals. Among the students Manish was one of them who read in class 12 and fell in love with her. As he was an weak student, he requested his teacher to teach him as private tutor. Jayoita agreed to teach him in her home. So Manesh started to go her home for learning. One day he directly proposed his love for Jayoita. At first she was surprised and did not accept to ready his proposal but finally she accepted Manish’s love and said that she also loved him. Thus the level of their relationship became deeper and emotional love turned to sexual love. After a few days Jayoita’s ex-boy friend whose name was Rajat threaded Manish by saying that he would kill him. After that Manish decided to marry Jayoita and informed her about it. At the very day Manish reached the place on time but Jayoita didn’t come. After a few minute he was informed by an unknown number that Jayoita was in danger in her home. Hearing this he left the house and rushed to her house. In the middle way he was kidnapped by some young man. At midnight Mr.Bhatia , Manish’s father got a call that his son was kidnapped. As he was one of the richest people he informed Mr.Sharma who was the police commissioner. In the next morning he and his subordinates started their investigation and finally through their investigation they were able to find out Manish from a dark house. Jayoita and Rajat were arrested by the police and the rest of the kidnappers were also arrested. At first Jayoita blamed Rajat but finally she opened her mouth that Manish was used as a tool of her financial development. Jayoita confessed that she was the main planner of this kidnapping. After hearing this Manish realized that he fell in false love. At last, Manish said to Jayoita that she was the scandal of the nation of teachers. 


Without plot a story can’t be imagined. A perfect story is proved by five parts of a plot, they are – exposition or foreshadowing, the rising action, climax, the falling action and resolution and in this story I find all the elements which are not clearly stated. Moreover sometimes the plot seems to be loosely constructed.

Truly this story reflects the moral and social corruption of our society with its title, theme and plot construction.

There is five characters in our story. They are Manesh (a student of 12th class), Jayoita (teacher), Rajat (Ex-Boyfriend), Mr.Bhatia (Manesh’s Father), Mr. Sharma (police commissioner) and some young people. Here Manesh and Jayoita plays main role; they are protagonist.

Point of view

The story has been written by third person point of view.


The story started from ‘English Medium School’ where Manesh studying and later on the story took place in teacher jayoita’s house after kidnapping manesh.


The story is describing in a formal language. The story is connecting with third person point of view. The story is writing past tense but sometimes used in present tense. The stories have some grammatical mistake. For example that’s why some of her student felt love for her and even proposed their love to her. The correct is that’s why some of her students felt love for her and even proposed their love to her.


The major character is Jayoita and Manish .The first dialogue is starting with Jayoita and Manish. Manish request Jayoita to teach him in her home as a private tutor. Jayoita agreed him and showed interest to teach him in her home. After a few days Manish said m
Mam I want to tell an important thing to you today, I started to like you from your first class. Jayoita said is it for my teaching style. Manish said special felling has been growing in my mind and I have fallen in love for you. Jayoita said how is it possible? Manish said everything is possible in the world of love. At last jayoita accepted the proposal. The second conversation is Jayoita and Sharma. Jayoita said actually I know the who kidnapped Manish. Sharma said who is he, Janyoita said my ex boy friend. The third dialogue is starting with Mr. Bhatia and kidnapper Rajat.


In this story there is only one technique has been used and this technique is flash back. At the very end of this story we can find that technique when Joyeta and Rajat have been caught red handed by the police. Then they describe how they have planned to do that kidnapping. Though the technique is used efficiently but more technique might been used to make the story interesting.


Foreshadowing:- In the beginning of the story there is a good foreshadowing has been given. The foreshadowing gives us idea that what might be happened next through the relationship between Joyeta and Manish.
Rise of Action:- The rising action is being found when the relationship faces a great threat by the ex-boyfriend named Rajit. The structure is again maintained very artistically.
Climax:- The breaking incident in the house of Joyeta and getting the written threat of Rajat gives the story a proper starting of climax. But it ends when Manesh receives the anxious call from Joyeta for saving her and gets himself kidnapped. This part of structure is maintained very efficiently.
Falling Action:  When the police searches for Manesh and suspects that Joyeta may be the culprit because the kidnapper asks to bring money with hand of Joyeta.
Resolution: The resolution of this story starts when Joyeta and Rajat have been caught by the police and they describe how they are involved in this kidnapping equally.


In my point of view, the story is described in very well manner like a successful story should be described. Though there are lots of grammatical mistake and lack of techniques but the story doesn’t make me feel bored at all. The structure of this story is responsible for making this story interesting.

Submitted by

Tunazzina Mosaddeque, ID: 142-22-316
Suraiya Tabassum, ID: 142-22-322
Md. Shariful Islam Jakaria, ID: 142-22-315
Md. Nurul Islam, ID: 142-22-318

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Review of the story "Run!!!"
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The Story Review of “Run!!”

The title of the short story is “Run!” The title is appropriate for the story because we see that the two major characters have to reach their destiny by running and the writer leaves a thought that only run can make possible to reach their destiny. On the other hand we can say that the story shows that the life is about running from place to place, the life is about motion. It also shows that men are running their whole life for trivial things without exploring true beauty.

             One of the theme of this story is the fear of ragging of newcomer students as we can see that the newcomers leave the campus for the fear of ragging; another theme is the absurdity of modern men as the characters are wandering without any destination; and the last theme of this story is to highlight the true beauty of life which lies in nature as we see that the characters find their true meaning of life in the lap of the nature.

The story starts with a question that if the protagonists are able to reach their exam hall in time. Then the story proceeds with flashback. Two students Sumon and Jakir have come to attend the entrance exam of Jahangirnagar University but they leave the place in fear of ragging. They start their journey without knowing of any destiny. That is a hartal day and they visit ‘SmritiSoudha’,Baipail, Tongi, Chandra by bus or sometimes by walk and at the end they decide to go to Modhupur jungle to watch full moon in dark. They watch the beauty of silver light of full moon in the jungle and they realize the true beauty of life that lies in nature. Then suddenly their rickshaw puller drags them from the site for the fear of ghost. They again start their journey back to the university to attend the examination. But it takes much time because they have gone a long way from the university. They start walking after 7 hours of bus journey to catch the exam but it still 3 kilometers away from the hall with 20 minutes in hand. So they start to run. The story ends with suspense whether they attend the exam or not.

There are ten characters in the story. Two are major characters and eight are minor characters. Sumon and Jakir are major characters and Nahid vai, Salim vai, truck driver, truck helper, rickshaw puller, bus conductor, Hijra and the macho man are minor characters. Among these Jakir is the narrator of the story. He is also a static character. The whole story develops on the characters of Jakir and Salim and rest of the characters assist them to lead the story. In this story the writer wants to give a fun through the characters of Hijra and the Macho man. These two characters creates a smile in the face of the readers. 

The writer uses many places and time as the setting of the story. The places are the Prantik Gate and SmritiSoudha of Jahangirnagar University, Baipail, Ashulia, Chandra, Modhupur, Savar, Gazipur, Tangail, Mirzapur and Kaliakair. The time of several events are dawn, cold morning, moonlit night, sunny morning etc. For example, in the beginning of the story there is an event when Sumon and Jakir left the university to Prantik Gate on December 26, 2004 and it was a cold morning. 

Point of view:
The whole story has written in 1st person point of view. In this story, Jakir, one of the protagonists, narrates the story form his experience.

              In this story writer uses formal English. But in some cases Author uses some informal English which some time confuse the readers. For example,
-Aye! You are being scary bro! Hop up!
Here in this story writer also used some word which is not belong to the English dictionary
For example,
-Aye, Bhroot! Bhroot!, vot Vot! etc .
There are some problems of tense. The story is presented with past tense but there are some lines which are unconsciously written in present sentences. That is very confusing for a reader. For example,
“we were looking for something. Somehow the world seems to fuel our eccentricity”.
The author use more short sentences than long sentences.

Style of the Story:
             The story has been written on centering the Standard English form but sometimes it Curves the rule of standard English form. In this Story author used very complex English word which does not clearly exposed its meaning before the reader.
This example can give us a clear concept
                “But I could not resist myself from the furtive glances of that beauty”
Moreover there are also some problems regarding punctuation marks and use of article and preposition. In some point the author uses punctuation marks and in some point he missed it.

In this story there are some dialogues which are written in informal language. For example there is a conversation between Sumon and Jakir when they became successful to run away from the hall of the university campus.
-   So, where to go?
-   Hmm! Let’s go to the ‘SmritiSoudha’. Open place, we could make the whole day there.
-   Jakirrr! Rickshaw!
-   Aye! You are being scary bro! Hop up!
Here we can see that the writer uses many informal words in this conversation such as, Hmm!, Aye! Bro! etc.
The author uses some poems between the dialogues. Like
“What to do! What to do!
If nothing then booo!
We also find Bangla song in the story which is sung by the bus driver. As
“amar gorur garite bou sajiye..”
 Sometimes the choices of words in dialogue are unusual. For example,
“Tonight cometh the true meaning of life”, here ‘cometh’ is unusual word for a conversation.

In this story, the writer uses some techniques such as flashback techniques, simile, metaphor etc. For example we find “flashback technique” in the first of the story when Jakir describes the past incidents for which they are in a crucial situation that they have to go 3 kilometers in 20 minutes in order to attend the admission test. We find “simile” in a sentence “Stomach full, feeling strength like bull”. Here the characters are comparing themselves with bull after taking meal for a long time. There is another example of simile in this story. It lies in the sentence “Even in that cold, he was sweating like ice on the oven”. We find “metaphor” in the sentence “Who cares! We have buss number 11”. Here Jakir symbolizes his two legs as bus number 11 and it is a metaphor. . There is another example of metaphor in this story. It lies in the sentence “Let me drench my deserted eyes with this oasis of beauty”. Here Jakir symbolizes the beauty of girl with the oasis.

The following story somehow follows the structure of a typical story. Such as, it has a foreshadowing, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution but these all are not so much clear. In the foreshadowing we have seen that the story starts with a question that if the protagonists will be able to reach their exam hall in time or not. They have 20 minutes and they have to go 3 kilometers. After that, the narrator says that because of some crazy thought they are at a crucial situation. The given hints of the foreshadowing part are not so clear and it will be tough for the readers to predict the events of the story after completing the beginning part. The running away from the hall of the university can be said as the rising action because this is the starting point of their journey of unknown. We can select the event of Modhupur Jungle as the climax of this story.The return journey from Madhupur to Dhaka can be said as the falling action. The story does not have any concrete resolution rather than it ends with a suspense. The reader will think about the later events of the story that both Jakir and Sumon were able to reach at their exam hall or not. So we can judge the suspense as the resolution of the story.

Comment and Evaluation:
Overall we can say that it is a good story. It has an appropriate title and through the title the story shows that the life is about running from place to place, the life is about motion. It also shows that men are running their whole life for trivial things without exploring true beauty. The theme of the story is based on today’s circumstances. Such as ragging in university. The newcomer students always stay in a fear that when they will face the cruel adore of the seniors! The story also shows that the modern people do not work with proper planning. The plot of the story is nice except there are some hard lines which will create problems for the readers to understand. The characters of the story are important for the story and all the characters are used in a brilliant way. For this reason the story seems more lively and authentic. The setting of the story is also significant. The writer uses various places and time as the setting of the story. The techniques and the structure of the story gives more fragrance in it so that the readers will get pleasure to read it.  Though there are some grammatical lacking, it is a well written story and it is worthy to get A- out of A+. 

Submitted by:

Kazi Sazzad Hossain - 141-22-301
Sharjana Parvin - 141-22-302
Nowrin Islam - 141-22-303
Md. Masud Parvaj - 141-22-304

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Re: Students' Story Writing Project
« Reply #18 on: August 10, 2014, 12:05:06 PM »
Great initiative Dr.Binoy. It will surely help students express their creativity and show their mastery of language.

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Review of Short Story
« Reply #19 on: August 12, 2014, 10:40:32 PM »
                                                                    Perdue Parapet

   A title is very important for any literary piece. It should be easy to read and the title has to be connected with the theme. The name of short story is 'Perdue Parapet' the word 'Perdue' its synonym is 'hidden' and 'Parapet' its synonym is 'barrier', 'Protective wall'. These words are not familiar to reader. So it could create a distance with the readers. But the theme is connected with the title. 

   The theme of the story is based on a social issue. The issue is traffic jam, its causes and effects on common people. Through the issue the weakness of powerless and the superiority of powerful people in society is portrayed.

   Bakul is a middle class working man. He has a family at Mohakhali. He is stacked in a traffic jam. In flash back he is thinking during a jam like this he lost his mother. Now he is seeing that after passing 7 years the time is still the same 7 years back he requested an duty officer to let the ambulance pass. But the officer followed the rule of the safety of prime minister and he did not give the permission to pass the ambulance. He lost his mother. Now there is only tears in his eyes. His weakness and inability to fight against injustice makes him cry.

   There are 8 characters in this story. Among them 4 characters are major and another 4 characters are minor. Bakul is the main character. His character portrays the life of a middle class man. He has the grief that he could not save his mother. Through hard work he defeated poverty. But he could not defeat the conflict of powerful and powerless. His mother Shefali Begum is another important character. She became the victim of ill fate and time. There is a prime minister who does not appear in the whole story but she plays an important role of ruler. The duty police officer shows both the social class. Who understands the misery of a common man but he has not strength to fight.
There are Bakul's other members who played minor characters. They are 'Shimu' Bakul's sister, his son, his wife and his dead father. The minor characters also supported the main characters and story.

   Time and places which used in this story is connected with the theme. Mahakhali, a flat, the road near Mahakhali representing the life of a middle class man. Road near prime minister's office is representing the superiority of powerful. The time of noon 1 pm is representing suffering and hardship of human being. The roads are used as symbol of human life. Each place and time used in the story is meaningful and every setting has a meaning.

Point of View:
   The story is written on a third person point of view.

Language and dialogue:
   The language used in this story is very easy to read. But there are some grammatical mistakes like "he has nobody in this world, but his mother and a sister."
Spelling mistakes like 'men', 'voic' etc. There are some dialogues between Bakul and an officer and these are important to show the depth of the story. The dialogues reveal the conflict between two classes. It also shows the misery of being weak and could not do anything for some near one.

Technique and Structure:
   It is a realistic story which is connected with our everyday life. The story is presenting past as a flash back and with this the story is also presenting the present time as well. There are some elements of Irony in this story.
The story fulfills each technique very sensibly.

   Bakul's life and hardship gives readers a hint that it is a story of a common man.

Rising Action:
   When Bakul got the news that his mother is unconscious and the ambulance is shucked on the road this situation creates the mood of tension and crisis among the readers.

   Climax came when he hold his mother's hand tightly but he could not save her.

Falling Action:
   After 7 years Bakul is still in the same place like a helpless person. Though he has a family now.

   The story ends with a question and that is "will the situation of a common man remain same forever". At the end of the story it reveals the mask of society that is ugly and cruel.
The techniques are used very smartly and it gives the story a beautiful structure.

   It is a simple story it shows the hardship of a common man. The love of a mother towards her son is very touching. Agony of a son who could not save his mother's life it touches the soul of a reader. The difference between two social status gives readers a reminder that power always rules over life. The story is a beautiful presentation of the misery of being a common man. It has emotion and reality as well.
   It is a touching story and touches the soul of a reader.

Submitted By
Group: I
Kohinoor Akter, 142-22-328
Kabir Hosen Saju, 142-22-329
Nazrul Islam Sarkar, 142-22-330
Sumiya Mahmud, 142-22-331

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« Reply #20 on: August 13, 2014, 01:10:30 AM »
 Title: The title of this story is “The Victim”. The title is very much appropriate with the theme and plot of the story. As the whole action of the story takes place surrounding the main character, Jerin and in the last part of the story we find that she is ultimately the victim of dowry system, so we can obviously consider the title very much relevant to the story. There is a relationship between the title and the story.

Theme: The story deals with a social theme and it is dowry. The story brings out the problems of our society. It is a realistic story. The story presents the malpractice of dowry system which is very contemporary and relevant to the social perspective of Bangladesh.

Plot: The story is about a girl whose marriage is fixed with a boy named Rumel. The boy assured the girl that he will not demand any dowry. But when his parents went to that girl’s house to fix their marriage, they demanded a huge dowry. Her parents were able to give half of their demanded materials like television, refrigerators, furniture. But Rumel’s parents were not satisfied with only these things and expected more household gadgetry. When the girl, Jerin, informed rumel about this matter, he told her to fulfill his parents demand. At last we see that Rumel’s parents refused to get their son married with this simple girl Jerin. Though Jerin became very shocked observing human character, at the same time she became surprised thinking about how many the materialistic things could be important to some people rather than emotion and commitment.

Characters: There are seven characters in this story. Jerin is the central or main character and protagonist of this story. There are also some minor characters like Rumel, his parents, his uncle, Jerin’s father Monir Mia, his wife.

Point of view: The story is narrated from 3rd person point of view.

Setting: The place setting is in Nandigram, Natore. That means the whole action of the story took place at that place.

 The events of the story took place at several times like 10 a.m., 3 p.m., and 9 p.m.

Language and style: The language of this story is formal and standard. There is no use of dialect and the language is easy. There are also a few use of complex sentence. But there are some grammatical mistakes in this story.

 The diction of the story is not so much standard or catchy. The writer uses simple, lucid and common words. I also found a wrong use of word like the writer wanted to mean the word “renowned” but he/she wrote “renounced”. It makes me sometimes confused. Overall I can say that the story needs more editions.

Technique:  There is no use of irony and symbol in this story.

Dialogue:  There are a few dialogues in this story. The conversations are between Rumel and Jerin; Rumel’s parents and Jerin’s parents; Rumel’s uncle and Monir Mia. I think the dialogues are properly used and these make the story lively. The dialogues were enjoyable.

Structure: Though the story began soundly, the story turned into its pathetic movement when the parents of Rumel did not show any interest to get their son married with Jerin, the central character of the story. This is the turning point or summit of the story. Later then we find that Jerin was surprised noticing all the incidents happened with her especially when she heard from a reliable source that she might have been trapped after being married by the greedy family. But at last Jerin’s family got relief when they came to know that Rumel’s family was not like that as they thought. Jerin’s parents thought Rumel’s family as a decent family but the real thing was that the boy was drug-addicted his father was a psycho.

Evaluation: By considering all the facts I should mark the story as a good one. It is a well-written story. The concept as well as the presentation was nice. The theme was contemporary. The characters played their role perfectly. The story attracted me so much that I became curious to know the end while reading. I think as a member of a civilized society we should not treat the issue lightly rather we should awake our soul, ethics and moral values which are sleeping. The women should concentrate on their education and career rather than getting married at an early age.


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Re: Students' Story Writing Project
« Reply #21 on: August 14, 2014, 02:03:54 PM »
                                            Review of Story

Title: The title of this story could have better if it would be “Necessity knows No Laws” since the main character of this story has to go through the adversity that paves the way to be corrupted.

Theme: The theme is about a boy who is struggling hard to make a solution of life. For a better living a man even has to accept the illegal advice of bad company. Whenever we go through this story, we find an inner conflict within the character.

Plot: Here, the character is well concerned about his position. So, before undertaking any adventure he has to think over it again and again. The boy Hassan is very humble and ordinary in sense. But he had to go through experience. The adversity paves the way to be corrupted in spite of his having conscience.

Setting: There is no definite setting here.

Point of view : The story is written in the third person point of view.

Language: Here, the standard language is used. Sometimes, phrases and idioms are used to make the story attractive. But there have been several mistakes in diction. Subjects-verb-agreement is missing to some extent. But, it is a silly mistakes. Over all, it is well- constructed.

Dialogue: There are several dialogue among the characters. For example-
Hasan:where is your driver? You have to come with me brother.
Apurbo: Where I have to go sir ?
Apart from, these dialogues some phrases and idioms are used. E.g. hand to mouth, sixes and sevens, at a stake. All these bear negative meaning. That means this story is tragic one.

Techniques: There have a chronological order of this story that is the character shapes his dream and falling from the crest to the nadir of the bottom, when his mother falls in sickness and he is caught up as guilty. Apart from. That there are several techniques in diction to make us realize the tragic end of the story or the down fall of the character.

Evaluation: The story is very unique in sense and very contemporary. It is very common in day to day life. It may expect a good figure up to grade A. In a word, it is very interesting story to us.

Submitted By:
                          Ariful Haq, ID:142-22-336
                      Jafar Ahmed, ID: 133-22-288
              Md.Mamun Miah, ID:133-22-296

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Re: Students' Story Writing Project
« Reply #22 on: August 14, 2014, 10:10:13 PM »
Review of the story of “Rose”

Submitted by Group B
Md. Shariful Islam (133-22-290)
Sarmin Sultana (133-22-291)
Razia Sultana (133-22-289)
Aniqa Akhter (133-22-287)

The title of the story is “the title of the story of Rose” is appropriate because Rose is the main character of the story and it is a story of her life. Main theme of the story is man dominating society, emancipation of woman and a strong mentality of a confident woman. Jack represents the male dominate society who is unable to thinking equality of his wife role in the family. On the other hand Rose represents the confident and strong personality. She is not broken heart when she fallen any crises. She struggle in the difficulties of the society and save herself. She is aware of her individuality and believes in woman’s freedom. It is a story of Rose who is an orphan. She fallen love with a rich man Jack and marry him. Although she is devoted towards her husband try to solve his problem but her husband think she is not equal like him and did not share anything with her. He leaves her alone in Australia. In this crucial moment of the life Rose stand up with strong mentality. She able to stand her own feet but for a work permit she decide to does a fake marriage with George. In the mean time Jack back the country and aware about the entire incident. After some misunderstandings he able to understand depth of Rose’s love for him. Then they start a new life. Total number of character is seven in three major characters Jack, Rose and George one minor character is Marie. Rose is the central character of the story. She is the protagonist also. Although she is a orphan girl but she has confident and strong mentality. She is a round character. When she fallen any crisis she does not know what to do but because of her strong mentality and confident she solve her problem. She is devoted towards her husband. George is another major character of the story. He is co-worker and friend of Rose who secretly love her. He helped her when she fall any problem in a work place. When he aware about Rose and jack’s misunderstanding because of him he solves their problem and sacrifices his love for their happy conjugal life. He is a round character. Rose’s husband Jack another important character of the story. Although their marriage is a love marriage but he cannot think Rose is equal like him. He represent male dominate mentality. He does not share his problem and thoughts with rose. But at the last part of the story he able to change his mentality and leave Melbourne to start a new life with Rose. Marie is a minor character. She is a good friend of Rose and help her when she fallen crisis. Mr. and Mrs. smith both are minor character, they have no any significance role in this story. The story has been taken place in Melbourne, Australia especially in the airport. Because in the airport, Jack leaves Rose alone, Jack leaves Rose alone, Rose work at the airport’s shop and in the same place they leaves Melbourne to short their new life. The way of narration is third person singular nimber. Steve is another minor character of “the title of the story of Rose”. He is a friend of Jack. He has a phone call in the first part of the story. Without the phone call he have no role in this story.
In this story both formal and informal languages are used. Informal languages are used for day to day conversation between the characters. Two informal words are found- ‘guy’ and ‘yeah’. Replaced these two words it is better to use ‘person’ and ‘yes’.
Day to day conversation is present through dialogues in this story. The dialogues are appropriate.
It is the story with happy ending. The climax of the story is when Jack knows about the fake marriage of Rose and George. A few symbols like lifeless, crossroads, fresh, innocent beauty are used in this story.
It is a normal social story. Although Rose tried to establish herself in the society but at the last point she accepted Jack’s domination over her who leaved her all alone one day. She sacrificed her career and leaved Melbourne to start a new life with Jack. Happiness comes with sacrifice of Rose.

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Review of the story A New Beginning
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The following title is very much close to the subject matter or plot of the story. Because at last we have seen that the protagonist Ayesha starts his life in a new way. Therefore it is appropriate or suitable for the story.


The subject matter or the theme of the story is social problem. And that social problem is none other than early marriage and how it destroy an innocent life. Early marriage is life a curse for society. It is considered as a obstacle for our development process. At the same time the story also highlights how we could we reduce or protest against this social evil


In the story we find the following event, like a girl named Ayesha got GPA- 5 in her J.S.C exam. As for this reason awarded as a meritorious student of the year where the chairman is the chief guest. The chairman fall a kind of attraction for Ayesha and made up his mind to marry this girl by hook or crook. On the other hand Tarun is young boy who worked in a secular society is trying to enlighten the villages. When Ayesha’s father discuss this matter with his wife then she refused the proposal. The next morning Mr. Rahim went to chairman’s house and told that they rejected the proposal. Therefore the chairman became very angry and ordered some sycophants to kill Ayesha’s father which they did. After that the chairman threatens Ayesha’s mother to give her daughter’s marriage with him otherwise she will lose her children in the same way she lost her husband. Therefore she forcedly agree with his proposal. And the climax of the comes when Ayesha learns that he is going to marry the old chairman. Therefore her two friends along with Tarun came to the Weeding ceremony and stop the marriage. Then the police arrested the chairman and Ayesha’s mother revealed that the chairman killed her father. Then Tarun help’s Ayesha to target all this and start life with new hopes and desires.

There are basically seven characters. Among them three major characters and four minor characters. The major characters are:

Ayesha: The protagonist of the story. A young fun loving girl through which the story centers around. She is a dynamic character.

Tarun: A young boy who worked in the secular society to enlighten villages. He is also dynamic character.

The chairman: The chairman is the antagonist of the story who made evil plan to marry Ayesha and therefore he has been doing all the evil deeds.

The minor characters are including:

Rehana and Parven: Two friends of Ayesha whom helped her to stop the marriage. They are static character but at last they changed action which proved them to be as dynamic character.

Mr. Rahim and Mrs. Rahima: Father and mother of Ayesha. Besides these there are police officer, villagers and sycophants are also plays significant role.

                                                                       Point of view:

The story has been written from third person point of view.

                                                                           Setting :

The whole Story takes place Rasulpur . And most of the scene occurs in the evening.

The Author used formal English but there is also mentioning of some informal language. One thing that is more important to say that if the author uses some dictions then it would be more beautiful and enjoyable to read.


The author tries to follow the rules of Standard English in their writing. But sometimes we have seen some grammatical mistakes and use of preposition.


The author uses some interesting dialogues here which adds new dimension to the story. At the same time it makes the story more lively than it really is. For example the dialogues between Mr. Rahim and the chairman sounds interesting.


The writer uses mostly irony here. Like the chairman wants to marry Ayesha but she doesn’t know it.


The story certainly follows the structure of atypical story has. For example it has foreshadowing, raising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Like here at first we have discovered that there is a description of the village. Then the raising action comes when the chairman decided to marry Ayesha and send proposal to his father which they refused. And then the climax comes when Ayesha learns that she is going to marry the old chairman. And finally the resolution when Ayesha’s mother revealed the truth and Ayesha starts his life in a new way. In other words she starts his life in a new way.


The story has made huge impact on the reader’s mind. It raises awareness among them. And the same time it helps them to protest against all kinds of social crime. Overall it an enjoyable story to read.

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