Really is it necessary ??

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Really is it necessary ??
« on: October 11, 2010, 12:40:20 AM »
Everyone so worried to build their career. For this reason we all are busy with our study, cause we believe that we can't be a successful person & can't to build our career without bookish knowledge. We can't get a good job without only better marks. Actually only bookish knowledge is necessary to build our career??????

I don't believe it. Of course better marks & good GPA is important to establish our career, but many extra knowledge should have there. Yeahh...I have better GPA & my teachers are tell me you are so good student, but I have no extra knowledge outside our books, I have not own personality to express myself, I can't frankly speak in English, I can't present my ideas properly & I can't adjust with everyone.

* So how can I establish my career???
* What is value of my certificate???
*What is the meaning of my education??

So, when we will fulfill above these, hope we will establish my career & we will be successful person.
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