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Robi life insurance


Bima Islamic Life Insurance is a life insurance policy, with cumulative life insurance cover, offered for free to Robi pre-paid subscribers who register for the offer. Each registered Robi subscriber earns insurance cover each calendar month depending on his/her airtime usage; the more airtime used, the more insurance cover earned.

The insurance policy is underwritten by Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited where Robi is paying the Insurance Premium on behalf of our valued registered subscribers.
A subscriber can register for Bima Life Insurance in one of the 2 ways:
 1. By dialing  *1216*1# a customer will be able to complete the registration by following below steps:
2. By visiting one of Robi’s WICs where a Robi/Bima agent will assist with registration.

Bima Islamic Life Insurance covers the registered subscriber. Bima Islamic Life Insurance will pay out the insurance benefit in the event of death from all causes, accidental and natural (subject to the exclusions outlined in the policy contract electronically signed during registration), to a nominee of the subscriber’s choice who is a direct relative.

The subscriber does not need to pay any fees to register for Bima Islamic Life Insurance. However, to be actively covered by Bima Islamic Life Insurance each month, the subscriber needs to first use at least BDT250 (excluding VAT) of airtime in one calendar month to start earning insurance cover and must maintain an airtime usage of at least 150 (excluding VAT) each calendar month in order to maintain the insurance cover balance earned in previous months.
A registered subscriber earns and accumulates insurance cover by using airtime. Since the insurance cover provided is cumulative, the total amount of insurance cover provided depends on how much the subscriber has accumulated so far. The maximum amount of insurance cover that can be accumulated is BDT50,000. The following table gives the insurance cover provided for different slabs of airtime used

Value of airtime used in previous calendar month*   Incremental insurance cover earned for current calendar month**
BDT 150 – 249   Coverage remains same but no additional insurance earned
BDT 250 – 349   BDT 4,000
BDT 350 – 499   BDT 6,000
BDT 500 and above   BDT 8,000
Less than BDT150   Earned coverage is reset to zero. The subscriber has to spend at least BDT 250* to start earning coverage again.
*Excluding VAT   
** Upto BDT 50000   
For example, if the subscriber registers for Bima Islamic Life Insurance and uses BDT250 of airtime in Month 1, the subscriber earns BDT4,000 worth of insurance cover in Month 2; the subscriber’s total insurance cover in Month 2 will be BDT4,000. In Month 2, if the subscriber uses BDT350 of airtime, the subscriber earns BDT6,000 worth of insurance cover in Month 3; the subscriber’s total insurance cover in Month 3 will be BDT10,000. In Month 3, if the subscriber uses only BDT150 of airtime, the subscriber will not earn any incremental insurance cover in Month 4, so the subscriber’s total insurance cover in Month 4 will remain at BDT10,000. As the maximum amount of insurance cover that can be accumulated is BDT50,000, the subscriber’s total insurance cover will remain at BDT50,000 after he/she has earned to that level, as long as the previous month’s airtime usage remains at least BDT150.

At the start of each month, each registered subscriber will receive a SMS informing him/her of how much incremental insurance has been earned based on the previous month’s airtime usage. The SMS will also inform the subscriber of the current total insurance cover accumulated to date. To know current month airtime usage call 123.

Customers can dial *1216*3# or call 21216 from Robi number and01841021216  from other operators for detailed policy information. Customers can now  dial *1216*4# and check their last month’s usage and coverage earned

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