E-Learning Framework

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E-Learning Framework
« on: July 13, 2014, 04:47:44 PM »
The E-Learning Framework which can be used to capture an organization’s inventory of e-learning by addressing issues encompassing the following eight dimensions of open and distributed learning environments: 

1. Pedagogical: Refers to teaching and learning. This dimension addresses issues concerning content, audiences, goal and media analysis; design approach; organization and methods and strategies of e-learning environments. 

2. Technological: Examines issues of technology infrastructure in e-learning environments. This includes infrastructure planning, hardware and software. 

3. Interface Design: Refers to the overall look and feel of e-learning programs. The interface design dimension encompasses page and site design, content design, navigation, and usability testing. 

4. Evaluation: Includes both assessment of learners, and evaluation of the instruction and learning environment. 

5. Management: Refers to the maintenance of learning environment and distribution of information. 

6. Resource Support: Examines the online support and resources required to foster meaningful learning environments. 

7. Ethical: Relates to social and political influence, cultural diversity, bias, geographical diversity, learner diversity, information accessibility, etiquette, and the legal issues. 

8. Institutional: Issues of administrative affairs, academic affairs and student services related to e-learning. 
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