143Play.com and Startup Dhaka

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143Play.com and Startup Dhaka
« on: July 17, 2014, 12:17:46 PM »
We are living in the Z generation where diversity and technology rule everywhere. This age of science is mostly characterized by touch screen technology and boost of social networking sites. But, the obvious question that pops up in our mind is “What next?” Being hammered by this question, a dynamic team of academics and IT experts started 143Play, an engine, in 2013 to set a new trend in technology for the next generation. 143Play is such an engine where one can play or use any games/apps and at the same time, they can create their own games and apps without any knowledge of programming. Yes, you got my point right ……without any knowledge of programming, in 143Play engine, the users can create any apps and games in their desired format and use it in their mobile phones or any other smart devices. Briefly, 0% knowledge of coding + 100% fun = 143Play. 143Play is targeting all the people who have the basic knowledge of using computer and internet. Therefore, the market opportunity is huge and increasing every day. However, the tech savvy young generation is the first potential user group of 143Play. Since game engine is already an established concept in the developed countries, 143Play can promote itself in the international market as well.

What makes 143Play exceptional? Few established companies are already providing the same experience but 143Play is far more different from them. For the first time in the history of game engine, 143play is providing native app support i.e. all the games and apps of 143Play is customized for Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox and so on. It also has educational apps, development tools for Game-As-A-Service Model. It is for the first time that any real game engine is operating in Bangladesh that includes gamification. It is to be noted here that gamification is the use of game to solve the problem of non-gaming context. 143Play is the first ever company who has introduced Virtual Reality in this country. It has developed games for Oculus Rift as an outsourced project. In a nutshell, 143Play is working dedicatedly to improve people’s experience of gaming and using application and to start a new movement in the global market. In addition, 143Play is organizing game and apps development workshops and boot camps in different universities to create new talents in this area. At present, there are 12 members in the team including cofounders, designers, developers, programmers and a marketing team. Participation in Startup Dhaka Startup Dhaka recently organized a boot camp in American International School. They received 100 proposals from different new entrepreneurs and selected only 30 proposals for the boot camp. 143Play was one of those 30 startups who get the chance to pitch their business idea in front of the judges’ panel and mentors. The experts from leading game companies, leadership professionals and investors from USA and Bangladesh, ornamented the judges and mentors’ panel.

Mustafizur Khan, founder, CEO, and Fayaz Taher, cofounder and CFO of Startup Dhaka motivated the new entrepreneurs throughout the whole program and the mentors were really helpful to nurture their ideas Contribution to the society 143Play is not just a mere business company who calculate everything in terms of loss and profit. Rather, it believes that contributing to the society is the firt and formost duty of any organization. Based on the value, 143Play is working to develop HIV app that will raise awareness and bring positive attitude among people regarding HIV and AIDS. An English language learning game named “Wishdom” is already there in Facebook. There are also some other upcoming games and application that will bring positive changes in the society.

[Source: http://techworldbd.com/143play-a-new-trend-in-technology/]
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Re: 143Play.com and Startup Dhaka
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great :)
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