Which Classroom Skills Translate To The Job Market?

Author Topic: Which Classroom Skills Translate To The Job Market?  (Read 1843 times)

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Which Classroom Skills Translate To The Job Market?
« on: November 06, 2010, 12:33:29 AM »
Boost your marketability by focusing on classroom skills that can get you hired.

1. Communication Skills:

Can you effectively share ideas with others? The ability to express thoughts simply and clearly ranks at the top of the list...and for good reason. Most careers require interpersonal interaction, and this skill goes a long way when it comes to being creative or solving a problem.
From Classroom to Career: Classroom presentations and group projects can help you develop valuable communication skills that could come in handy when selling products, running meetings, coordinating events, and developing new ideas.

2. Analytical Skills:

Are you detail oriented? A knack for solving problems and the ability to think logically rank high among preferred skills for applicants. Analytical skills are especially prized in professions where employees are expected to multi-task under pressure.
From Classroom to Career: Classes that promote analytical skills can help in finding solutions, analyzing data, and problem solving on-the-job.

3. Teamwork Skills:

Do you work well with others? Being able to work effectively in a group is important at almost every level of employment, from upper-level management on down.
From Classroom to Career: Think group projects are a waste? Think again. The skills you gain can help in managing organizations, supervising others, and delegating responsibility.

4. Technical Skills:

Are you computer savvy? Jobs in the technical and science fields generally require workers who are able to keep pace with new technologies and gadgets. Being able to work with (and explain) complex systems or equipment is an invaluable tool for applicants in the eyes of employers.
From Classroom to Career: Developing technical skills in the classroom can help launch a career in technology or media. Talk to working pros or read industry web sites to make sure you're working with current tools. That way, you'll be able to hit the ground running from day one.

5. Strong Work Ethic:

Have you made special efforts to reach your goals? Applicants who have shown they can meet deadlines, remain committed to tasks, and handle pressure with grace are among the most highly sought after.
From Classroom to Career: Taking online classes or attending night school really requires dedication and time management skills, all things that will prove useful when you have a tight deadline to meet or need to motivate others.

source: yahoo
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