Success Gains more Responsibilities

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Success Gains more Responsibilities
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:06:05 PM »
We often envy our supervisors for their success. We ignore their sheer hard effort at work and count them as just fortunate. However what we overlook is that success brings more responsibilities and requires enhanced fidelity at work; ignoring this fact we always desire to have a easier trade-off for success. Running an organization or supervising the team players is no child play.

Getting the maximum output from the mainstream workforce or tactfully outwitting an obstacle in a project : both require an earnest commitment to work. Majority of us have the perception of viewing success as just an increment in our annual remuneration; though there is nothing wrong with the incentive but one should be aware of the added work pressure to follow.

Attaining success may be difficult but sustaining the accomplishment is even harder. Each person should have their own career objective and anticipation. Just working to earn a livelihood can be monotonous but if you build it into a passion and work hard to get your dreams accomplished then success would come sooner than latter. However  don’t be disappointed by minor setbacks as they are inevitable foundations for success.

Compare the job description of an ordinary office employee and the General Manager of the same enterprise;  there is a significant and perceptible added  responsibility added  to the latter. As we climb up the hierarchy  it adds more commitment and dedication to work. A CEO’s business decision can either earn ample revenue  or cause the company to run into bankruptcy. Even  the employee can relocate into a different organization in cases of bankruptcy but a CEO does not have that option.

 Starting from supervising departmental cohesion to conflict management – all sectors need to be coordinated earnestly. These responsibilities seems easy but performing it effectively is easier said than done. Therefore it is worthwhile to realize before stepping into a senior hierarchy whether one is prepare to take in the additional responsibilities. Even before giving us promotion , our employers scrutinize our skills and accomplishments before deliberating a decision- these milestones reflects our performances and predicts our fidelity of work after success.

 Let us now focus on what tactics we can apply to handle these added responsibilities.

Sharing work
Bearing the entire responsibility of a project could be listless. Though your priorities could be best understood by you but rather than spending  prolonged  hours on details , share the guidelines  with your subordinates  or colleagues and ask them to give you a hand in your office chore. This would buy you extra time  to latter scrutinize the details before final submission . This approach also makes you affable o your colleagues and produce a better wok.

Brainstorming for decision making
To err is human ; therefore we are all prone to taking a wrong business decision most of the time. However the odds can be reduced if the mainstream of your workforce  supports your decision making. Before taking a vital business decision you can call for a board room meeting – to discuss the pros and cons of your proposal. Through such brainstorming session, a drawback of your proposal can be brought under your attention that previously you had carelessly overlooked. If it is a cohesive vote then your decision is any likely to go wrong.

Finally never make a decision in haste. A decision taken in haste lacks careful considerations and are most likely to go wrong.

So next time you earn for success just remind yourself of the added responsibilities that would follow you.
Md.Shahadat Hossain Mir
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