20 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer

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20 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:20:16 PM »
“Work for Personality, Productivity and Potentiality.”

Right person for the job is the aim of an interview. Whereas, questions and answers evaluate the candidates to set them for a future wok by adopting 3-P model for each one’s: Personality, Productivity and Potentiality. So, before an interview you must have to prepare yourself with a possible set of questions and that can give you the confident to face any type of questions.

According to researchers:

“As a candidate, you always want to talk about your benefits and features, as if you were a product. After all, you are "selling" your skills and abilities!”

Here are the 20 possible interview questions you can try out to increase your confidence level:

Give an introduction of yourself within five minutes.
    Why do you want to work for this mentioned position?
    Please give a brief concept for our company operations.
    If experienced, why have you left your earlier position? If not experienced, as a fresher what is your view towards, knowledge is more important that experience?
    What kinds of core facilities are important for you to work with?
    How do you define your strong points and drawbacks?
    Think global and act local. So, how are you going to adopt yourself according to this perception within our company, if you are selected?
    What is more important to you, leadership or tem player? How you define these terms in urgency of work?
    If your family needs you urgently or somebody is sick while you are doing an important task, how are you going to manage the situation?
    What makes you in trouble for professions?
    Tell me your objective as a professional and personnel.
    How can you define your excellence?
    If your supervisor is asking you to do a job while you are in off duty, will you agree to do that?
    How do you work with, face the challenges or just escape it for better chance?
    Tell the top five best ways to handle corporate clients.
    If you are selected, what is best service you can provide for us?
    Define personality in terms of adaptation.
    In terms of stress management, how do you do that for yourself?
    If selected, do you like to make a bond with us for 3 years?
    Why do you think that you are the candidate we are looking for?

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Re: 20 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer
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Thanks for sharing  :)