Ten Qualities of Exceptional Teachers

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Ten Qualities of Exceptional Teachers
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:00:35 PM »
1. Definitely, respect for students is a very important attribute.
2. Encouragement
3. Teachers who never show off.
4. Practice equality for boys and girls, rich and poor, brilliant and average students.
5. Inspiring to question and challenge.
6. Sense of Humor.
7. Hands-on Learning.
8. Make Tests Tasty, Not Testy.
9. Students Do Want to Learn
10. -- Did I say it before? Never hurt them.
Some of the best teachers I've had in my long years with them the above exceptional qualities. I carry them in my mind as my role models. They've made me, me. These artisans have changed a piece of rock -- the pathor -- into a somewhat refined object of a somewhat good-looking entity.
I'm happy I've known these exceptional teachers.