Faith, Fear And Future

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Faith, Fear And Future
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:03:38 PM »
The 3F's Of Life

Faith and fear are great measures to determine the future. Faith and fear are great infectious words because they spread like epidemics, but you must be careful of what you listen to and those you associate with. Many people have allowed the faithless words of others to drive them into despair by which they end up being a failure.
What is Faith? Faith is simply:

F - future
A - actions
I - intended and expected
T - to
H - happen
While fear is:

F - fake
E - experience
A - appearing
R - real

Thus, a person with fear is known as a coward because "a coward dies ten times before their death".
Here is a true story.

A man started running down the street of his town screaming, "The dam has broken". Women shopping in the supermarket heard the scream and they dropped their grocery baskets and joined him; men in the barbershop and offices heard the mob and joined them; so also the police and the firemen. Soon the street was filled with people screaming, "The dam has broken!"
One old man ran as fast and far has he could and then sat down on the curb for a moment and thought, "I've lived here all my life. What dam?"
The truth and fact was there was no dam. There was no danger.
A short while later the citizens came shuffling back into town embarrassed by their collective response to fear. Some suffered from the stampede, some died, while others were lucky.
Reject fear and choose faith to get a better future.
The Future is just:

F - focused
U - utility/utilized
T - timing
U - used in
R - realizing
E - expectations