Manga VS american comics

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Manga VS american comics
« on: July 28, 2013, 11:19:53 PM »
Here are many important and distinct differences between Manga and American Comics. The ways they are drawn are almost two completely different styles. Manga is a more whimsical, exaggerated and traditional style, whereas American comics are more realistic. Manga comics have a very different and harder upbringing, in the sense that when the first Mangas were drawn, they were soon outlawed and made illegal due to government censorship. Many differences between Manga and American Comics, to name a few, would be the way they are made and sold, how much they cost, the audiences they’re designed for, and size.

The way Manga is made and presented for sale is fairly different than American comics. Manga is mostly printed in Black-and-White colour, and American Comics are usually printed in full colour. The size of a Manga comic is rather different too. Manga is often made in a smaller size than an American comic. Even though a Manga is one-third the size of a traditional American comic, a Manga can be real thick and run up to one hundred pages in length, compared to a mere 32 pages for American Comics. Manga has many similarities to a graphic novel, like the collections of American comics, but unlike American comics, Manga comics are usually part of a larger story. A complete storyline or even just a series can run a thousand pages (such as the famed comic “Bleach”).

American Comics are often created with multiple people doing different tasks (writer, penciler, inker, letterer, and colourist); however Manga usually just has one creator who does all these tasks except for colouring. This is why most people admire the work of a Mangaka since there is a lot of painstaking time, effort, and loss of sleep put into developing a Manga (it’s really stressful to be a Mangaka).The storyline of a Manga will progress a lot quicker than American comics. Because of the high page count, a reader advances through a Manga at a faster pace. Mangas would always have less panels and rambling in dialogue on a page than an American Comic. Mangas would usually cost more than American Comics, and a bit more than a paperback novel. The cost is kept down by the fact it is in black-and-white, but is worth the quality since it would have more story development considering the amount of pages it has. American comics are mainly designed for children, but Manga is designed for all audiences. Anyone can be caught reading Manga.

There are three main genres of Manga, one of them which I will not mention due to censorship reasons, and because you really don’t need to know (and why would anyone want to be reading junk like that anyway?). Shonen Manga is a genre of Manga that is usually action-packed and suspenseful, with adventure tied into it as well. (Shonen Manga means boy comics). Shojo Manga often contains romance, emotional and relationship topics and interests (Shojo Manga meaning of course “Girl Comics”).

Manga and American Comics are very different of course. Today Manga is the more popular medium, concerning how fast it is growing. American Comics have more of a classic style, and reach a part of many people’s childhood in which they would buy an issue, and spend whole day reading it. Although I said “anyone can be caught reading Manga” I didn’t exactly mean its ok for anyone to read. You will have to be careful in what you choose to read, if you make the choice, for I have found many Mangas in the past where it would get to a certain point in the story where everything just turns bad, and unpleasant. So please take my advice in which you have to be careful in what you read, and have fun.

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- Imran Mahmud
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Re: Manga VS american comics
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