Losses in poultry sector to reach Tk 10b

Author Topic: Losses in poultry sector to reach Tk 10b  (Read 2932 times)

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Losses in poultry sector to reach Tk 10b
« on: September 18, 2014, 06:01:26 PM »
25-11-2013:The Financial Express: Call for keeping poultry items carrying vehicles out of hartal: 'Losses in poultry sector to reach Tk 10b': The poultry sector has suffered an aggregate loss of around Tk 8.0 billion in the last two months due to recurrent spells of strike and political violence.The amount of loss will cross Tk 10 billion, if the country once again gets crippled with shutdowns, sector leaders said. None can imagine how far the loss will go, if the present volatile situation continues for another two to three months, said poultry leaders while talking to journalists at Breeders' Association of Bangladesh (BAB) office Sunday.

They urged the political parties to solve the ongoing crisis within the shortest possible time and thus save the economy. BAB vice-president Shamsul Arefin Khalid Anjon said the vehicles carrying day-old-chicks (DOC), eggs, chicken and feed came under violent attack on several occasions during hartals.Around 1.4 to 2.0 million DOCs are destroyed every week at the hatcheries. To avoid the mounting loss Mr Anjon urged the political parties to keep the vehicles, carrying poultry birds and feed, out of the purview of hartals and blockades.

BAB president and convenor of Bangladesh Poultry Industries Coordination Committee (BPICC) Moshiur Rahman said poultry sector experienced the gravest crash following spread of bird-flu."If the present political situation does not improve, the thrust sector will be turned into a losing sector."He said hundreds of farms have already been shut down, and the breeders as well as the feed manufacturers have been counting a significant amount of loss.

Mr Rahman said around 30 per cent farms will automatically be closed, if the political crisis is not resolved soon.BAB general secretary Saidur Rahman Babu said due to the political turmoil chicken prices have declined to the lowest level during the last five years.The farmers have to sell broiler at Tk 70-80 only, when the production cost is more than Tk 110. The day-old broiler chick is sold at Tk 20-25, though the minimum production cost is Tk 35.Besides, layer chick is sold at Tk 15-25, and cock at only Tk 4-5. The egg production cost is Tk 6.0 to Tk 6.50, but the selling price is Tk 5.0 to Tk 5.50 only. The farmers will lose everything, and the country's malnutrition ratio will go high, if the situation continues, Babu added.

BAB assistant vice-president and secretary of Feed Industries Association Bangladesh (FIAB) Fazle Rahim Khan Shahriar said due to the political turmoil the demand for feed has decreased by 20-25 per cent. The manufacturers failed to supply feed properly when it was urgent to the farmers. So they had to depend on hand-made low-quality feed, which will reduce productivity. The chicken, which is supposed to weight around 1.5 kg, will be of only 700 to 800 grams. As a result, the farmers are bound to bear a significant amount of loss even in the next two months. Mr Shahriar said the stockpile of poultry feed is rising at the units along with their bank interest, including the investors' cumulative loss.
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