Dedicate time to meaningful work

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Dedicate time to meaningful work
« on: September 24, 2014, 06:19:48 PM »

When deprived of passion and meaningful work, human beings lose their reason for living; they get lost and go frantically mad. Thus, a fulfilling life is lived by letting your interests and passions drive you forward, and then losing yourself in the journey of taking each required step.

The same way your body responds to the right nutrients, your heart, mind and spirit also need nourishment.  You are able to get that nourishment when you indulge in meaningful work, because when you truly lose yourself in something that moves you, you will eventually find yourself there too.

So never let the reality of what is, get in the way of what is possible.  Never give up on the things that make your heart skip a beat.  A focused human being driven by passion is always more powerful than the reality of the moment.  Express your love.  Live your truth.  Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards meaningful goals.  Walk your talk.  Embrace your gifts.  Bounce to the beat of your own drum.  Work on something worth remembering.