Buying and Selling Property in a difficult market.

Author Topic: Buying and Selling Property in a difficult market.  (Read 1409 times)

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Buying and Selling Property in a difficult market.
« on: October 19, 2014, 02:18:10 PM »
Buying and Selling Property in a difficult market.
Selling property in a difficult market can bring its challenges, although a little creative thinking can change everything. If you have an overseas property, consider the various private property sales avenues available to you. One factor to think about is the cost of sale. If you have an overseas property and are with estate agents at 2 – 4% commission, then so long as you have not signed an all prohibitive contract, you have the opportunity of private property sales, selling through property auctions, online in a Houses for sale by owner property auction, at a much reduced cost to you, enabling you to market your overseas property for less.
If you have a London property on the other hand, you can still keep your property with the Estate Agents, but one additional private property sales route in particular can be on-line property auctions London. Another route to Houses for sale by owner, the benefit of Property Auctions London, is they tend to attract extra buyers in these markets, including those looking for property Auctions as well as those simply looking for Houses for sale by owner, at reasonable prices. Live property auctions London tend to attract only those hardened buyers who are confident of their bidding at property auctions. However, is a closed bid auction which is far less daunting for everyday buyers, but does not rule out those looking for property investments.
Another benefit to look out for is an overseas property auction, as at any given time, there are numerous ex-pats around the world who are moving back home. These people are often selling a Costa del sol Property, but in doing so, will also be looking to buy Costa del Sol Property. This could be property in the UK, but may well be Costa del Sol Property in Spain, Property in Bulgaria, Property in Turkey, for a home, or as Overseas Property anywhere else in the world. The fact is that they will all be buying Costa del Sol property once they have sold their property, or before.
A closed bid property auctions can bring far more attention for those selling houses for sale by owner, compared to live auctions, so if you are selling houses for sale by owner, and want to maximise your opportunities, placing your property in an online property auction could be an additional string to your bow. It can be a very low cost, and commissions can be as low as 300 GBP once sold. In some cases you can just pay once, and if your property does not sell in the first auction, it will be re-enterd into subsequent auctions until it has sold.
In order to sell as soon as possible, do not just rely on a single Estate agent, and if that Estate agent has not refreshed the presentation of your property recently, request that they do it sooner rather than later.
Buying Property in a difficult market can also be a challenge as a number of properties which would normally be on the market, get withdrawn where the owners are not prepared to compete with the lower prices. If you are looking to buy property in this market, you may only be a few clicks away from your perfect opportunity by visiting online property auctions London, with Private property sales or property auctions elsewhere.

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Re: Buying and Selling Property in a difficult market.
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