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Cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. Cryotherapy is used to treat a variety of benign and malignant tissue damage, medically called lesions.The term "cryotherapy" comes from the Greek cryo (κρύο) meaning cold, and therapy (θεραπεία) meaning cure. Cryotherapy has been used as early as the seventeenth century.
Its goal is to decrease cell growth and reproduction (cellular metabolism), increase cellular survival, decrease inflammation, decrease pain and spasm, promote the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction), and when using extreme temperatures, to destroy cells by crystallizing the cytosol, which is the liquid found inside cells, also known as intracellular fluid (ICF). The most prominent use of the term refers to the surgical treatment, specifically known as cryosurgery. Other therapies that use the term are cryogenic chamber therapy and ice pack therapy.

This is a treatment involving the application of Ice. This is a commonest and very old method of treatment. The temperature of the skin over the ailment is reduced to 10°C during the treatment

When useful?

1.   Pain
2.   Muscle spasm (muscles become so tight and painful)
3.   Spasticity (muscles become tight due to damage to the brain)
4.   After any surgery, to train the muscle which has lost its action
5.   Bed sores / Pressure sores

Where it should not be used?

Individuals with
1.   Psychological fear of ice
2.   Cardiac problems
3.   Nerve injuries
4.   Lack of sensation
1.   In case of injury, bleeding is prevented
2.   In case of bedsores, healing is faster
Treatment Time
The treatment duration is about 1-3 minutes (It depends upon the patient's condition)

Ways of Application
1.   Ice towel
2.   Ice packs
3.   Immersion
4.   Ice cube massage
5.   Quick massage

Source: medindia
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