How to Face interview board

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How to Face interview board
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:07:18 PM »
Prothom-alo Jobs is supporting the individual's occupation in addition, treating all of them  according  to their fundamental health issues in occupation. Within the  connection with its societal obligations, Prothom-alo jobs arranged Career Clinic on 25th January 2014. G. Sumdany Don, Manager consumer engagement at Philip Morris International, was the speaker there. A lot of job seekers  arrived intending for examining way up the profession delegate presently there.

At the starting of the program, Shams Jahan Farhat and Shakil Chowdhury Arnob who are Brand development executive of Prothom-alo Jobs, represented the functions of Prothom-alo jobs  and introduced the delegate over the crowd of career concern people.

G. Sumdany Don, who is an excellent motivator took the floor of the program. On the eve of the discussion, Mr Sumdani pointed out some misconception about facing interview board.  He showed his first slide, where he gave the idea about the count of students enter the job market each and every year, but less than 40% can reach their dream position. Only unique people, can get the chance to get their expected jobs, among the millions. He added. Mr G. Sumdani talked about the importance of holding good CGPA alongside with some volunteer works may add as an extra plus point for job applications. Delegate Mr Sumdani told the job seekers to follow the job portals like Prothom-alo jobs, which uses to update everyday with new job circulars. He also said, the audiences that CV writing is one of the important strategies facing the interview board. Writing CV in a right way is so important, he argued.

“For fresh Graduates two pages CV is ok, for the mid level 3 pages are standard,”Sumdani said. One audience asked a question, which was,“If asking about a fresh graduate, but why most of the companies require minimum one year experience.”  Frolic way, Mr Sumdani answered that normally companies expect corporate culture among the employee, so having no idea about it doesn’t make a sense. He added, part-time work can help in that case. Mr Sumdani then derived the whole discussion summarizing as few points, they are

    Fresh yourself washing mouth before facing an interview board

    Try to be well dressed

    Try to be normal on the interview board

    Before coming study the function and all information about the job stuffs

    Don’t dare, becoming damn smart and dumb

    Come upon with well organize CV

    Put a cover letter on the front page of the CV

    Show your volunteer activities and work done before

    Try to be unique on the interview board

Overall on the last slide of the presentation, in his mellow sound Mr Sumdani thanks all the audience, coming from the different part, for the career development. The Career clinic on January 14 ends here with a huge round of applause from career participant.
Md.Shahadat Hossain Mir
Senior Administrative officer
Department of Law
Daffodil International University
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