“PMP” the “TANGO” of Global Career Progress!

Author Topic: “PMP” the “TANGO” of Global Career Progress!  (Read 875 times)

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“PMP” the “TANGO” of Global Career Progress!
« on: December 04, 2014, 09:20:48 AM »
“PMP” the “TANGO” of Global Career Progress!

Individuals who can cost effectively shepherd a project from inception to completion are in great demand in today's workplace.

More than ever, today's managers are asked to do more with less. Resources are scarce, deadlines are short and budgets have never been tighter. In this environment successful management of a project from beginning to end is very difficult. It requires careful planning and the application of insightful strategies and cutting-edge concepts. Project Managers with PMP certifications are well aware of tools and techniques and knows the resolutions of challenges to demonstrate the project at high standard.

PMI's Project Management Profession Certification is the most discussed certifications in the global market place. Almost all big companies are searching for Project Managers who are PMP Certified.

PMP Certification is a certification that constitutes a vast course that consists of many terms and many fundamental concepts that are generally not taught in any of the management courses or any management colleges. PMI has a set of standards that gives a project manager the baseline about how to manage and approach a project. It consists of all the possible areas that come under a project management. It has got 10 Knowledge areas, 5 Process Groups and 47 processes that describe the pathway to approach a project. Also, it sets the standard which can be followed across many industries.

The PMP certification has achieved worldwide recognition in last few decades. More and more employers are seeking candidates with proven knowledge of PMI methodology and having the PMP credential. Having PMP certification can score a higher salary compared to those project managers who are not certified. Plenty of sources indicate that PMPs make $6,000 to 10,000 USD per year more than non-PMP certified professionals. Number of other critic says PMP certification will boast 10-15% more money than those who are not certified. At a peak in their career when they want to grow more, PMP Certification helps them climb the ladder of success easily and beyond boundaries! Therefore, PMP certifications for Project Managers are called the “TANGO” of global career progress.

A "Project Manager" who is not PMP certified may have the soft-skills like negotiation, communication, leadership, decision making etc. but he might not have the hard-skills like project budgets, dashboards, project schedules, project baselines etc which can make him a "Successful Project Manager".

In short, project management has become a profession. It's no longer a case of someone who is good at his job suddenly promoted to a "project manager" title (may be Halo Effect!) and becomes the "boss" of his former peers, with little or no knowledge about management. Project management has protocols, methodologies and professional practices based on experience, consensus and scholarly research. There is a big difference to being a general manager and being a project manager. Project management is a whole different specialty and PMP is the professional credential for the profession.

Author : Abdulla Al Mamun, PMP
PMO Specialist, PMP Trainer & Couch