A Thought About The Essential Qualities

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A Thought About The Essential Qualities
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:21:12 PM »

Most Of Us Think That We Are Fine Human Beings
And, for the most part this is true. But, maybe we should sit back for a few minutes and look deeply into our own inner spaces. Think about how a normal day progresses for you from the time you wake up to the time when you go to sleep.

Think About This
Here are some behaviours, attitudes and thoughts to reflect on as you sit quietly:

1) As you arrive at your place of work, do you warmly and genuinely greet colleagues, or are you to wrapped up in your own world that you ignore them?
2) Do you normally smile at everyone you meet during your day, or are you prone to frown?
3) Are you known as an open and receptive person who welcomes others ideas or opinions, or do you have a tendency to immediately discount other people's opinions when they do not match your own thinking?
4) Does your usual behaviour include praising others for their work, or their contributions, or are you apt to criticize first by finding fault?
5) Are you able to appreciate that everyone has feelings no matter who they are or where they fit into the social fabric of society, or do you shun or avoid some people because they do not fit within your social circle?
6) You may be a busy person but do you volunteer or help others outside of your work, or do you prefer to let others give of their time and energy to assist others in need?
7) Are you really interested in other people and who they are and what they are like, or are you more likely to speak or associate only with people that feed your ego?
8) Are you known as a friendly person whom is easy to speak with, or are you known as the type of person who is difficult to approach or is full of themselves, rude, or arrogant?

There Are More Qualities That Can Be Listed
But I think you get the main point. You may not feel you possess any of the negative aspects spoken of but others may see you in a different light.

The Main Thing To Consider Is
How you want to be known as the years roll by. It is comforting to know as your life winds to an end that you have been a wholesome, valuable, giving, caring, and influential person to those you meet along life's pathway.      
The winner asks,
"May I help?"
The loser asks,
"Do you expect me to do that?"
William Arthur Ward

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"Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think."


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Re: A Thought About The Essential Qualities
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 01:32:07 PM »
Interesting post!!!  :)