Types of Conflict:

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Types of Conflict:
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:45:09 AM »
The Types of Conflict are as follows:

   Interpersonal:
This is conflict between two or more individuals who do not share the same goal or values. For example, One manager might argue that the organization must need more MBAs to increase performance, while another manager may insist that MBAs are too expensive and not required. 

   Intergroup:
This type of conflict is most often seen between groups, teams and departments. These groups may not be willing to share information freely. Members of groups might clash with members of others groups as well.

   Intragroup:
Intragroup conflict arises within groups, teams and departments. For example, some members may believe that a successful marketing campaign necessary a larger allocation to television advertising, while other members insists that print advertising would be more effective.

This type of conflict arises among organizations. Interorganisational is also often seen between businesses that operate in the same market.
Kamrul Hossain Sajib
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Re: Types of Conflict:
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Above all, conflict creates problems.
Try to avoid it.

Sayed Farrukh Ahmed
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