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- Government is one of the inventions of human knowledge through which human being fulfils his desire. There are three organs of a state:
•   Legislature or Parliament
•   Executives
•   Judiciary
-The people’s Republican of Bangladesh is a unitary, independent and sovereign republic comprising three basic organs; the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. The president is the Head of state and is elected by the members of parliament. The president acts in accordance with the advice of the prime Minister and the supreme command of the Armed forces vests with him. 

-The executive power of the republic is exercised by or on the advice of the Prime Minister, who commands the support of the majority members of parliament and is appointed by the President. The Prime Minister nominates the cabinet members from among parliament members and up to one tenths of the total from outside the parliament. The cabinet is collectively responsible to the parliament. The government is unitary in structure and parliamentary in form.
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