During LASIK Surgery

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During LASIK Surgery
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During LASIK Surgery

The surgery TAKES around less than 30 minutes.

1.   The patient  lies on back in a reclining chair in an exam room containing the laser system. The laser system includes a large machine with a microscope attached to it and a computer screen.
2.   A numbing drop will be placed in eye, the area around eye will be cleaned, and an instrument called a lid speculum will be used to hold eyelids open
3.   Very high pressures will be applied to create suction to the cornea. Vision will dim while the suction ring is on and this time the pressure and some discomfort is felt during this part of the procedure. A cutting instrument or laser, is attached to the suction ring. Doctor will use the blade of the microkeratome to cut a flap in cornea.
4.   Laser energy is focused inside the cornea tissue, creating thousands of small bubbles of gas and water that expand and connect to separate the tissue underneath the cornea surface, creating a flap. The plate is then removed.
5.   The patient is able to see but experiences fluctuating degrees of blurred vision during the rest of the procedure. The doctor will then lift the flap and fold it back on its hinge, and dry the exposed tissue.
6.   The laser will be positioned over eye
7.   is experienced. A computer controls the amount of laser energy delivered to eye. Before the start of surgery,  doctor will have programmed the computer to vaporize a particular amount of tissue based on the measurements taken at initial evaluation. After the pulses of laser energy vaporize the corneal tissue, the flap is put back into and patient is asked to stare at a light.
8.   When eye is in the correct position, doctor will start the laser. As the laser removes corneal tissue, new sounds and smells position.
9.   A shield should be placed over eye at the end of the procedure as protection, since no stitches are used to hold the flap in place.

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