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A very important message to everyone

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Hmmm......we should think about this.

Md. Minhaz Khan:
Very good message~~~~~~~~

But i think about the people whose are doing job in call center.......!!!!!

hmmmmm. how can I believe it? its a amazing news !!!

It is really shocking. So, we should not talk for long time and be cognizant about misuse of mobile phone.

Ms. Aziz:
Last year I meet one of my known person after 5 years.Now she is a mother of a kid.The kid is about 2yrs old but I saw that a tumor is on her forehead which is big enough.I asked her what happened to ur kid.She replied "she is getting this tumor when she was born and according to Doctor  when she was inside my womb,I had a long talk over mobile phone with my husband who was in abroad that time and this is the result  ie the effect of mobile phone's frequency.We have to wait until she is 12 yrs old ,after that Doctor can go for an operation because the part of her forehead which is covered by the tumor is very sensitive portion".She also said that after seeing the tumor Doctors' first ques was towards her "DID YOU TALK TOO MUCH WHEN SHE WAS INSIDE YOU?"
We cant even think without using cell phone for a single day but at the same time we dont think that how much we are causing harm to ourselves.


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