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An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law


Talukdar Rasel Mahmud:
Intellectual property law is that area of law which concerns legal rights associated with creative effort or commercial reputation and goodwill. The subject matter of intellectual property is very wide and includes literary and artistic works, films, computer programs, inventions, designs and marks used by traders for their goods or services. The law deters others from copying or taking unfair advantage of the work or reputation of another and provides remedies to affected parties.
The book titled "An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law" is well organized and easy to navigate. The table of contents shows that the book mainly focuses on protection of intellectual property in Bangladesh perspective. I have also incorporated constructive discussions on both domestic & international laws of intellectual property protection in each chapter. There is also relevant legislation with references in all pages.  The most unique feature of this book is that short facts & findings of some important cases have been discussed at the end of each chapter.
The book is suggested to undergraduates and postgraduates students and also aims to be a reference point for some professionals. This book comfortably discusses all of the basic concepts and principles underpinning intellectual property rights, as well as many relevant issues connected to each right.

This book is user-friendly as the language is clear and easy to understand. Topics are discussed in question & answer pattern in a logical order. The use of subheadings helps to separate different sections and each is discussed in turn. Each topic is introduced through a historical account of the laws and provisions relevant to the relevant right. Numerous examples of cases are included which illustrate the position taken by the court. The case extracts are long enough to convey the court’s reasoning, without troubling the reader with too much text. Some diagrams & pictures are also inserted for visualization to consolidate the reader’s understanding.

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