The University Culture

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The University Culture
« on: March 09, 2015, 02:51:13 PM »
ach university has a unique and cherished culture. This culture is born from the institution's history and is steeped in tradition. This tradition in turn reinforces that history and works to incorporate newcomers into the culture by instilling defined cultural values. A university's culture, tradition, and values are not only important, they are vital to the wellbeing of the institution because they provide stability and continuity.

In order to remain viable though the campus culture must also evolve and adapt to meet change. A university is like a living organism. At times it grows adding new programs, constructing new buildings, and hiring needed personnel. At other times it is forced to modify its focus by shedding obsolete policies, eliminating outdated curricula, and adjusting short term goals. Over time a university matures, and so does its culture. It is important though that the school maintain the core traditional values that define it as an institution.

In order to be successful individuals must learn to understand and work with their colleagues. Administrators must learn to work closely with other administrators in order to develop and implement policies. They must also learn to effectively interact with faculty and staff to ensure that the mission of the institution is fulfilled and that student needs are properly met. Faculty in turn must forge a clear path of cooperation with their colleagues and other university personnel. Added to this mix are the constant interactions between staff, paraprofessionals, and of course students. With so many complex interactions occurring every day on such a grand scale it is easy to understand how the delicate balance of all these interactions can be quickly upset.
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Re: The University Culture
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