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When I admitted in DIU that time Daffodil was a much unknown university. But now my university is well-known in our country.
One day I was coming Dhaka a woman asked, what is your university name? I told her Daffodil International university. The lady said Daffodil International University where it is situated. That time my feelings was vary bad.
But now every body knows the university. One day I asked a Cab Driver will you go to Shokrabad. He said me in front of daffodil University. That time I impressed. Now nobody give bad comments about my university. One day Diu will top one university. That time people will say he is the student of Daffodil International University.
I love my university as like my country.

Bravo man, I salute your thought..........

I respect your opinion and Very good feelings about Daffodil International University, I think not one day Daffodil international University is now one of the top and leading university in our country.

Thank You.

Ms. Aziz:
Exactly Junayed now our University has become a renowned one you dont need to introduce to other ppl abt our University.We should take pride being a member of DIU.Sometimes this thing happened whenever I need to bye something from Metro shopping Mall or Prince plaza the sales man show some extra honor when they identify that I am involved in this University.In my other post I mentioned and now again repeating that when I go to a distant place,during returning home,the more I come closer to this area I feel some mental strength It seems to me I am in my won place where many people and pupil know me.I am bit sure that if I get any problem and ask for any favor definitely I will get it.This is just because of DIU.

Yes!! Mr. Junayed,

DIU will be on the very top of all other universities in Bangladesh, and to achieve that we all students, teachers and officials must possess same belief in our mind as u do....

I really appreciate you....It's you, the Students of DIU, who can lift up the university image most.. if they do very well in their respective filed after graduation and even being a student if they perform well in various competition, create innovative ideas, participate for social cause and prepare them as an asset for the society and nation.  


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