Nanofabrics-potential candidates for textile manufacturing and drug delivery

Author Topic: Nanofabrics-potential candidates for textile manufacturing and drug delivery  (Read 342 times)

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Nanofabrics are textiles engineered with small particles that give ordinary materials advantageous properties such as superhydrophobicity (extreme water resistance, also see "Lotus effect" odor and moisture elimination, increased elasticity and strength, and bacterial resistance.  Depending on the desired property, a nanofabric is either constructed from nanoscopic fibers called nanofibers, or is formed by applying a solution containing nanoparticles to a regular fabric. Nanofabrics research is an interdisciplinary effort involving bioengineering, molecular chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and systems engineering. Applications of nanofabrics have the potential to revolutionize textile manufacturing and areas of medicine such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.

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Very innovative writing sir.

Keep posting such a valuable information so that we can learn more and more from DIU FORUM.

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