Snake farm in Bangladesh and it’s future.

Author Topic: Snake farm in Bangladesh and it’s future.  (Read 3128 times)

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Snake farm in Bangladesh and it’s future.
« on: April 21, 2015, 04:27:05 PM »
Snakes, The most valuable and high economically important reptiles. Live snakes are in great demand and are purchased for various purposes like venom extraction and other requirements. The snakes are even exported to foreign countries for exhibition shows, zoological gardens and manufacture of leather goods. Snake venom is in great demand for the manufacture of antivenin. High amount of potassium cyanide collect from cobra that is used in preparing medicine. By exporting venom, we can add remitance.But due to unavailability of commercial snake farm in Bangladesh, we are greatly losing remittance.

The skin of snakes is in great demand and is exported in various countries. In west European countries the leather products of snake skins are very popular. They prepare belts, wallets, purses, combs and cigarette cases, tobacco pouches and cufflink heads. In Japan wine is prepared in Snake Institutes. In USA canned garter snakes are sod as food. Rattle snake meat is rated to be most palatable. The eggs ofsnakes are also eaten. It also keep the populations of their various prey species under control. That is why snakes are termed “top-of- the-food-chain predators”. About 15 venomous snakes found among 90 species in Bangladesh. but Some dishonest persons continue sell venom to south asian & European country in illegal way. The proper managemental system & unabundant help of Govt & scarcity of trained person is also responsible for this condition. In Gazipur,  there a project going on under The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. Some private farm in Thakurgaon and Patuakhali starting rearing snake. But these private farm need more help from Govt. Govt. should pass legal snake farming law for upgrade this golden future. Snake farming are availablein many countries like India, Thiland, China, Uk etc. So, it is time to establish more snake farm in Bangladesh to get benefit as well as snake conservation.

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