Job Search Process

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Job Search Process
« on: June 17, 2009, 03:54:47 PM »
Your ultimate goal is your new job. Yet there will be several steps of completion required along the path to this goal. Following are the basic steps in the job search process:
Establish your career objective
o   Self-assessment
   Personality
   Aptitude
   Interests
   Values
   Identify personal skills and abilities

o   Career exploration
   Researching career types
   Researching industries
   Researching geographic locations
   Understanding the career requirements

o   Career preparation
   Academic - major, classes, projects
   Extracurricular - activities, clubs, leadership, sports
   Experience - work, internships, volunteering

•   Prepare job search tools
o   Resume
o   Cover letter
o   References, letters of recommendation

•   Find hiring companies
o   Identify on-campus employers
   On-campus interviews
   On-campus job fairs

o   Identify off-campus employers
   Building and activating a career network
   Utilizing employer research materials
   Off-campus job fairs
   Prospecting and following up on referral leads

•   Secure the interview
o   Make contact
o   Request and confirm interview

•   Interview
o   Prepare for the interview
o   On-campus interviewing
o   Phone interviewing
o   Company-site interviewing
•   Offer
o   Post-interview follow-up
o   Job offer negotiation
o   Accept and begin new job!

Overall, you should seek to master each step of the process so that each employer interview eventually results in a job offer, so that you can choose where you want to work, instead of the other way around. Mastering the job search process will result not only in a job offer, but will also result in the right job for you. This Web site is not just about getting a job. It is about getting the right job.

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