DIU-JMC on Air at RTV. We are going to one step ahead.

Author Topic: DIU-JMC on Air at RTV. We are going to one step ahead.  (Read 2948 times)

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DIU-JMC on Air at RTV. We are going to one step ahead.
« on: January 21, 2011, 11:58:52 PM »
Daffodil International University, Journalism & Mass Communication (DIU-JMC) department is going to on air at country’s popular TV channel R-TV.  It’s a very good step from the JMC. It’s an own production Of JMC. As it is going on air, it must a standard program. A very strong experienced & energetic team is working to possible this program. I’m working with this team & I’m very proud. Let me share about this program.

“Career Today” is an own production of DIU-JMC. The student of DIU-JMC worked with their teacher.  I’m very pleased to share that, JMC have the capability to create such kind of program. DIU-JMC ensures all kind of modern facilities. They have a Lab with all modern instrument & equipment. The studio is really vast & capable to create large program. And “Career Today” is the out put of their Department. The student is doing their academic study & getting real life experience. This combination of learning is very important for a student. The students are becoming experienced & knowledgeable.  

The name of the program is “Career Today”. The goal of this program is, doing help to build a better career. Really, JMC worked hard & their goal is highly appreciate-able.
You will get a complete guidance from this program.

For example, there is a program named “Journalism”. You will get complete guide, how you will prepare your career for journalism.  There will be professional opinion, university teacher opinion, student opinion, future, present, job, strategy, and many important & necessary segments. I think young generation must love this program. You will come to know what other student is thinking about this subject, why they are studying on this subject, what is the opportunities of this subject, how they meet better career with this subject. There are expert opinions. And of course the conversation with the presenter would open your eye for better career.  Keep your eye on R-TV every Friday at 10:20 am. If this program can help you (we hope) then, our work will be successful. You may also ask information & can give suggestion for career “Today program”.

The topic of the “Career Today” program of February”11 is

Career: Pharmacy

Mr.  Ifte Khairul Alam- Head of International Business, Health Care Pharmaceuticals  
Prof. Dr. Shamsul Haque, Head, Dept of Pharmacy

Career: Journalism

Prof. Dr. Golam Rahman, Part Time Faculty, Dept.of JMC,  DIU
Ms. Samia Rahman- News Presenter & Associate Professor, Dhaka University
Mr. Kamrul Hassan Manju, Executive Editor, Mass Line Media Center

Career : Software Engineer
Mr. Munir Hassan, IT Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister
Prof. Dr. Syed Akter Hossain, Head, Dept. of CSE, DIU

Career: Real Estate

Prof. Dr. M. Firoj Ahmed, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET
Mr. Masud Ibne Rahman, Head, Dept. of Real Estate

Let’s discover a better career.  

Kazi Shahin
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