Apps designing and youth development: 143play as a pioneer

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Apps designing and youth development: 143play as a pioneer
« on: June 20, 2015, 02:32:20 PM »
New technologies are playing an important role in the lives of young people. From mobile phones to social media sites, from video games to virtual worlds, young people are immersed in a technologically rich environment, in a participatory culture where they are not only consuming content, but also producing it and sharing it with others. However, there has always been a concern regarding whether technology is destroying people’s creativity or not. Researchers, tracking children’s creativity for 50 years, have seen a significant decrease in creativity among children, especially younger children from kindergarten through sixth grade. This decline in creativity is thought to be due at least in part to excessive use of technology.

Nevertheless, the field of youth development has recently started to examine how the creation of content might have an impact on youth development. Much of the early work has taken a media effects perspective by looking at the impact of new technologies on children--as opposed to analyzing what children are doing with the technology. Also, too often youth experiences with technology have been framed in negative terms by highlighting the danger of new technologies.But, the studies missed or denied to look at the positive influences of it such as its educative value and creativity development.

Apps development can play an important role in the learning of our youth. When the whole education system is hankering after GPA 5 or Golden 5, students hardly get any opportunity to flourish their creativity. They are always on their toes to improve their academic results without any emphasis on their creativity. In this scenario, apps creation can really be a “learn with fun” activity for them. To clarify the role of creativity, we first need to understand its theoretical definition. Creativity is a combination of ‘novelty’ and ‘excitement’ and definitely apps development demands both of them. Now one may think that how a non-tech person will develop an application. Here comes the role of 143Play app engine where a layman can design an application using the given templates. In this platform, young people can enliven their innovative ideas and turn it into an application. Not only that, they can also upload their apps in Googleplay and earn from them. Thus it may eradicate their unemployment problem as well.

The students of tertiary level can derive huge benefit from 143Play. They can implement their learned knowledge in developing application and creation or development is considered as the highest level of intelligence (see figure 1). Furthermore, most of the undergraduate students need to submit projects in their final years where they need to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice.  During their projects, they can definitely use 143Play platform to give their thoughts a visual effect. It is to be noted that many billion-dollar applications were initiated as final year projects, such as Google, Facebook and many more. Bangladeshi youths can also bring revolutionary changes in the society by turning their productive ideas into applications using 143Play platform.

In conclusion it can be claimed that 143Play is pioneering the hype of apps development among Bangladeshi youth. They have many productive and inspiring ideas. If they get the opportunities to implement them, it will definitely nourish their creativity and intelligence and, at the same time, eliminate their financial crisis. Till now, Bangladeshi youths are only users of various application but they hardly creates since they lack specialized knowledge and expertise. Therefore, 143Play is there to remove that barrier and making apps development fun for everyone.
MM Hasan
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Daffodil International University
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