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List of the Clubs of DIU


Ejaj-Ur-Rahaman Shajal:
1.   Business & Education Club (BEC)
2.   English Literary Club (ELC)
3.   Debating Club (DC)
4.   Social Business Students’ Forum (SBSF)
5.   Cultural Club (CC)
6.   Air Rover Wing
7.   Voluntary Service Club
8.   Daffodil Prothom- Alo BondhuShova   
9.   Sports Club (SC)
10.   Photographic   Society
11.   Communication Club
12.   Daffodil Moot Court Society (DMCS)
13.   Textile Club
14.   Creative Park
15.   Software Engineering Club
16.   MUNA (Model United Nations Association) 

wow we have lots of club which are very helpful for our students.

Al Mahmud Rumman:
Few more new clubs are running now with exciting activities. This list needs to be updated, sir.


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