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Our language our belief


kazi shahin:

Our language our belief
I feel proud to be Bangladeshi & to be Bengali. My native language is bangle. I feel very proud when I remember that we are the one nation in this world who gave their blood to establish their language. We love you country & our bangle language.  

We have some local language in different part of our country. I have respect & interest in those languages also. With paying respect in those languages I must tell that in a standard platform you should not speak in that language. For the student it is very important issue of course. In a strong statistic it shows that many graduate become unable to get the good job though they have good result. Even when you visit many reputed company you don’t find any local language though they came from difference zone of country. The student must develop their language. They don’t be shame for their language; they should feel proud for that. It’s not a fault of them.  By born, we don’t are the master of everything. We learn form the family, social, friends, environment, nature, school, college, university etc.

Our beloved university DIU can think about this fact. If we are able to talk correctly then we will be difference than other university. It will bring an extra credit for us. We will be go one step ahead. It increases the job opportunity also.

Let’s talk naturally but dynamic. Our language our belief

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Md. Limon Hossain:
There is only one country whose name is according to their language. The language is Bangla and the country is Bangladesh. In 1952 we were gave blood for our mother tongue and this was the spirit of our freedom fight.  We fought and get freedom in 1971 by millions of people blood. We are proud for our martyrs who gave us this beautiful country.

We respect all of mother tongue around the world. And observe mother language day on February 21.  But still we are Bangladeshi doing mistake with our indigenous people. They can’t get to speak, write, and study on their mother tongue. Their culture, language, life style is belongs with us. We should facilitate and ensure the right of their mother tongue.  

Thanks a lot for the informative post.

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