Start an ISACA Student Group on Campus

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Start an ISACA Student Group on Campus
« on: July 08, 2015, 01:43:40 AM »
Take an important step toward fulfilling your career goals! Join a Student Group and connect with a supportive group of future professionals. 
ISACA Student Groups (ISGs) encourage education beyond the classroom by allowing students to network and learn from each other, and connect with a supportive group of professionals. While ISGs do NOT require ISACA Student Membership, an ISG gives students the opportunity to get to know ISACA by interacting with professionals at events sponsored by the university and the local chapter. By participating in an ISG, students gain knowledge and experience that moves them ahead of the competition when they graduate.

Why start an ISACA Student Group?

Develop a forum for learning beyond the classroom
Organize fun campus events with students from other related disciplines (accounting, business, engineering, IT/computer science)
Gain leadership opportunities to add to a resume/CV
Connect with local chapter professionals
Get mentoring on career paths from experienced practitioners
Contact industry leaders with job opportunities post-graduation

To start an ISACA Student Group (ISG), encourage a faculty member to be become an Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.

Not sure if your university has an Academic Advocate? Email us at to find out.

Please click the button below to access the ISACA student group toolkit for detailed information on how to set up a student group.

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