Tools & Techniques for Quality Management

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Tools & Techniques for Quality Management
« on: July 08, 2015, 09:58:24 AM »
The tools and techniques for quality management are grouped in to three categories:

   Tools for data collection
   Tools for planning
   Tools for continuous improvement

1. Tools for data collection:
Any systematic approach attempt to manage quality in a manufacturing activity must rely upon data collection and interpretation to measure progress and understanding of customers needs. Business regularly collects market and customer data using many tools from many sources and it is important to evaluate the quality of each data source.

Jeff Israel describes the data inputs in five full categories:
•   Customer records
•   Complaints
•   Surveys
•   Benchmarking
•   Transaction data

2. Tools for planning:
A number of tools used in quality planning. Those are as follows:

•   Quality Function Development:
           QFD is one of the best devices created to tie product and service design decisions directly to customer’s wants and needs. QFD is design to display throughout the design, production, marketing and delivery facts of a given product or service.
•   Simultaneous Engineering:
          Concurrent engineering is the systematic approach, concurrent design of products and related processes including manufacturing and support. This approach is intended to consider all elements of the product. life cycle including quality, cost, schedule and user requirements.

•   Seven New Management Tools:
           In 1976, the union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers saw the need for tools to communicate information and successfully plan major projects. A team researched and developed the seven new quality control tools often called the seven management tools are as follows:

•   Affinity Diagram
•   Relations diagram
•   Tree Diagram
•   Matrix Diagram
•   Matrix data analysis
•   Arrow Diagram
•   Process decision program chart

3. Tools for continuous improvement:
People need tools to help them identify quality problems and plan corrective action. The tools for continuous improvement are as follows:
•   Check Sheet
•   Histogram
•   Pareto Chart
•   Cause and effect diagram
•   Control Chart
•   Flow Chart
Kamrul Hossain Sajib
Assistant Controller of Examination
Daffodil International University

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Re: Tools & Techniques for Quality Management
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Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Tools & Techniques for Quality Management
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good share
Rozina Akter
Assistant Professor
Department Of Business Administration

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Re: Tools & Techniques for Quality Management
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Thanks for informative post.

Sayed Farrukh Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University

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Re: Tools & Techniques for Quality Management
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Thanks for sharing...
Muhammad Tofazzal Hosain
Lecturer, Natural Sciences
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