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Literature is a word, hearing this we may understand that it depends on imagination. Literature is consist of poetry,essay,novel and excellence of imagination and expression style.
In the ancient period, Greek literature was written on myth and inherit. Basically, the history of literature follows closely to the development of civilization. In English literature we may see that there are a number of ages like as
Renaissance Literature,The Enlightenment,Romanticism,Transcendentalism, Victorian Literature,Realism, Naturalism, Modernism,Bloomsbury Group,Existentialism,Beat Generation. This is the picture of English literature.

There is no doubt that Bengali is a rich language and its literature is also rich. In Bengali literature we get a group of renowned and famous poet, writer and dramatist. In bangladesh, Farukkah Ahamed is considered as a renaissance poet. His famous poet is 'Sat Sagorar Mazi".

Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was a versatile genius. He wrote many poems,novel, songs and Islamic songs. He is compared with the English poet Byron. Rabindronath Tagor is a nobel prize winner in the category of literature. He won the prize in 1913. He is the composer of Bangladeshi National Anthem.

However, as a Bangalii I feel proud of Bangla literature.
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