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Problem Cards -PAP Forum - Uttara Campus
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:40:17 PM »
Problem Cards -PAP Forum - Uttara Campus

A. Ensuring Quality Education
1.   Using participating techniques
2.   Making capable to learn
3.   Filling gaps - prerequisite
4.   Facilities for satisfaction
5.   To produce good students we are to be perfect first
6.   Help to creating students profile
7.   Ensure available lab and research facility in uttara campus
8.   e learning
9.   Proper guideline regarding career

B. Miscellaneous

1.   Lack of coordination and respect
2.   Positive impression to rules and regulation   

C. Students Satisfaction and Performance

1.   Students limited use of IT resources
2.   LAck of approach of community work of students
3.   Students focus on CGPA rather than learning
4.   Recent DIU decisions are against students satisfaction
5.   English language problems
6.   Presentation skill problem
7.   Students dont know what they want to be.

D. Teacher Related Problem

1.   Create academic Environment
2.   Teachers Common Room
3.   Problem in question pattern
4.   Short time for evaluation
5.   Teachers transport facilities
6.   Frequent changes of the courses of the faculty
7.   Maintaining professional manner of the teacher
8.   Non use of counseling hous appropriately.
9.   Not having enough time to serve the best to the students   
10.   Insufficient teachers room hampering students teachers collaboration outside class.