What makes ginger tea healthy?

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What makes ginger tea healthy?
« on: November 15, 2015, 03:19:02 PM »
Even with the outburst of coffee shops, Indians still love their tea especially when out for a drive.

That one cup of tea wakes you up, while the gentle warmth soothes your soul. But did you know that tea has healing properties, moreso if you add a slice of ginger to it? Ginger tea is available at most tea stalls even on highways, but you can prepare it at home too. What makes ginger tea healthy? We head to the expert, Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, the Ayurvedic Consultant with SativikShop.com. We find out that ginger tea is effective for a lot more than just the common cold.

Dr. Jaishree takes us back in time to decode the mystery of ginger in Ayurveda:

"Ayurveda believes in the fact that herbs when ingested or applied (few of them) bring changes in the bio energetic of the human body. Human body is regulated by balanced existence of three main bio-energies namely- vata( this energy regulates all the macro/micro, voluntary/ involuntary movements of the body. Pitta(regulates all the conversions processes) and Kapha(regulates stability/structure/ growth/ repair work). Herbs and food with their unique taste, after taste and specific therapeutic action, affect these bio energies by aggravating or pacifying them."

So how does ginger change the bio energy of the human body?

She explains, "Ginger is a revered herb in ayurveda for many ailments. It has pungent and sweet taste, and pungent after taste. It has hot potency. All these properties of ginger make it highly capable of balancing aggravated kapha and vata. Ginger tea has its benefits in almost all the health problems arising from these doshas (bio- energies)."

Health benefits of ginger tea: "Ginger tea is a very popular cure for cold and cough. It helps drying up running and dripping nose and expels phlegm from respiratory tract."

This is a hot favourite on a rainy day and a favourite with mothers to cure your cold. Of course, we're using the word 'cure' loosely here, since there isn't a known cure to this malady yet. However, ginger is known to soothe a common cold to make it bearable and perhaps even speed up recovery.

Health benefits of ginger tea: "It helps those people who have very low appetite as ginger's hot potency ignite digestive fire and initiate release of digestive enzymes."

In this crazy world filled with high levels of stress, we tend to lose our appetite. Could this be the answer?

Health benefits of ginger tea: "It improves digestion and helps in proper assimilation of food."

Digestive problems may be an issue for the elderly but lifestyle changes can have an impact on you too. Ginger tea seems to be the key to better digestion.

Health benefits of ginger tea: "Regular intake of ginger tea helps in alleviating constipation and expelling stagnated undigested food ('ama') or toxic gases from the digestive system."

This is a great solution after indulging in rich festive food. Ginger tea can easy your system, making you happy. But don't expect miracles. The most it can do is calm an upset stomach, not cure it.

Health benefits of ginger tea: "It almost works like magic to give you shot of energy, lift your spirits and bring you out of your lethargy."

This is something we can all relate to; ginger tea adds the buzz in your day.

Health benefits of ginger tea: "During winters, it warms you up as it increases your body temperature."

Well winter is around the corner; here's the hint for the healthy winter drink. Cheers!

Health benefits of ginger tea: "It boosts your circulatory system due to its hot potency."

Sedentary life slows down your circulation system. We could all use a little help with energy every now and then.

Health benefits of ginger tea: "Ginger is a detoxifying herb which helps in removing accumulated toxins in the body."

Could this be the answer to a hangover?

Health benefits of ginger tea: "Ginger tea is extremely good for persons with kapha constitution as it keeps this dosha (kapha) in balance."

Ginger tea helps build and repair blemishes on your body. It acts like a cell builder.
KH Zaman
Lecturer, Pharmacy