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kazi shahin:
Our university is a renowned university. It’s situated in the heart of the Dhaka city. Every day   many students come with different way. We all know that our university situated in “Sukkrabad”. I will request all of our stuff to cal the place daffodil varsity. Let’s try & do it. Just make a trend. Think Dhaka does not named in a day; we know the history of Dhaka & other place. Any place gets the named or address by the maximum intention/ activity or by the majority or by famousness. University is of course a big point to deal it.

When a student come in the university by bus or rickshaw tell them you will go daffodil Varsity.  When your university will close remind the bus that you will go the daffodil varsity.  Make a habit. Once you will notice that the bus asking that “they are now in daffodil varsity”. People will start to know that this place is known as daffodil varsity.


  KAZI SHAHIN it  is really a cool idea.really you have a sharp brain to think  about this thing.We should really practice it.i will do it from tomorrow.

When I come at my university by bus everyday, I always say to the conductor "Daffodil sobahanbag ar kashe bus rakho mama". Some of them asked me where is Daffodil sobahanbag? I told him that a time Price Plaza. Now most of the conductor know the name the of Daffodil International University.

Thank you Mr.Shahin for your effective post. We should do it.

Yes and I did it just this morning. Hope we will be in action from now and on. Let's disseminate the idea in developmental Addah group as well.



Good idea! Yes, we can do it.


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