Air Force personnel in 1971

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Air Force personnel in 1971
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Air Force personnel in 1971
During the Bangladesh War of Independence 1971, many career Air Force officers from eastern Pakistan and airmen participated in different sectors in Bangladesh and also at the headquarters. Below are a list of some notable participants:

Wing Commander M.Hamidullah Khan
PAF-BAF – Deceased; BDF Commander Sector 11
Air vice-marshal Khademul Bashar

PAF-BAF – Deceased; BDF Commander Sector 6
Air vice-marshal Sadruddin Hossain
PAF-BAF – Retired; BDF Subsetor Commander
Air Commodore Ataur Rahman
PAF-BAF – Retired
Squadron Leader Wahidur Rahim
PAF-BAF – Retired
Squadron Leader Nurul Kader
PAF-BAF – Retired
Squadron Leader Shamsur Rahman
PAF-BAF – Retired
Air vice-marshal Sultan Mahmud
PAF-BAF – Retired
Squadron Leader Nurul Islam
PAF-BAF – Retired
Group Captain Shamsul Alam
PAF-BAF – Retired
Flight Lieutenant Badrul Alam, Bir Uttom
PAF-BAF - Retired
Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman, Bir Shreshtho
PAF– Killed during attempt to defect to Bangladesh in 1971.
Flight Lieutenant Liaqat
PAF-BAF- Retired
Flight Lieutenant Iqbal Rashid
PAF-BAF- Retired
Flying Officer Rouf
PAF-BAF- Retired
Group Captain AKM Mohsin
PAF-BAF – Deceased
Group Captain Ashraf
PAF-BAF- Retired
Flight Sergeant Abu Yusuf Khan
PAF-BAF – Retired
Flight Sergeant Shafiqullah
PAF-BAF – Retired
Non-combatant staff[edit]
Group Captain A K Khandker PAF-BAF – Was assigned as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the end of July 1971 under Lieutenant Colonel Abdur Rab who remained in Comilla during the war. His primary responsibility consisted of liaison with local Indian officials and defence personnel at Kalyani, Calcutta.

Distinguished personnel[edit]
Group Captain M. G. Tawab PAF-BAF - stayed in the Pakistan Air Force during the independence war and only return to Dhaka after Bangladesh become independent in 16 December 1971. He joined Bangladesh Forces the following day after returning to Dhaka, as Deputy C-in-C at BDF HQ at Dhaka Cantonment (Old 14 Div. HQ). Tawab remained in that post until 7 April 1972.
Group Captain Safiul Azam PAF-BAF