Chinese Government Scholarships 2016-17 for Bangladeshi Students Bachelor, Maste

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Chinese Government Scholarships 2016-17 for Bangladeshi Students
Bachelor, Masters, PhD Level.


Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.
Education background and age limit:
Applicants for undergraduate program must have senior high school diploma with good academic performance and be under the age of 25.

Applicants for master's degree program must have bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.

Applicants for doctoral degree program must have master's degree and be under the age of 40.

Applicants for Chinese language training program must have senior high school diploma and be under the age of 35, Chinese language is the only subject available.

Account BenefitApplicants for general scholar program must have completed at least two years of undergraduate study and be under the age of 45. All subjects including Chinese language are available.

Applicants for senior scholar program must have master's degree or above, or hold academic titles of associate professor or above, and be under the age of 50.

Important Info
Scholarship for: Bachelor, Masters, PhD Level.
Total Scholarship: 0
Start Date: January 25, 2016
Last Date: April 01, 2016
More Info:
Apply Procedure

Step 1: Log on to
The applicants should register for a username and password before logging on.

Step 2: After logging on to the system, please read the "ONLINE APPLICATION GUIDANCE" and follow the steps.

Step 3: Click the button 'NEXT' and select the scholarship you want to apply for, (Please select the Chinese Government Scholarship, unless you arc applying for the other Cooperation Program Scholarship.)

Step 4: Please note that the "AGENCY NO." is one of the most crucial pans of your online application. It is listed in the first blank under the "PERSONAL DATA". Please make sure that you fill it in correctly otherwise you will not he able to continue your online application. Your "AGENCY NO." is 0501

Step 5: Please fill in the online application form truthfully, correctly and completely following the steps listed on the left of the page. The applicant arc required to select the disciplines before choosing their majors. For inquires about the disciplines and majors, please refer lo the Disciplines Index, which can be downloaded from "Help".

Step 6: Preview the application form after finishing it and submit h online.

Step 7: Please download the finished application form by clicking the button "DOWNLOAD APPLICATION" and prim it out,

Step 8: Please prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents to the dispatching authorities in duplicate.
Selection Procedure

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (filled in Chinese or English). Those who are available for on-line application shall fill in and print the application form after submitting it on-line.
2. Highest diploma obtained and transcripts (notarized photocopy). Diploma and transcripts must be submitted in Chinese or English, certified translations must be provided if they are in other languages.
3. Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy) in Chinese or English
4. A study or research plan written in Chinese or English (no less than 200 words for undergraduates, no less than 400 words for scholars, no less than 500 words for postgraduates).
5. Recommendation letters (one original copy and one photocopy) from at least two professors for candidates of Master and Doctor's degree in addition to the above materials.
6. A CD recording of the applicants own work or six color photographs of personal works (two sketches, two color paintings and two other works) for candidates who wish to study music or fine arts.
7. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal document of their legal guardians in China.
8. "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" and "Blood Test Report" (photocopy). The student who will be awarded with scholarship must take the original copies of the Form and Blood Test Report to China.
Special Note

The embassy reserves the right to reject any candidate who is illegible or disqualified in the interview held by this embassy and the seat will be arranged to other candidates. The time for interview will be announced at and

Enclosed herewith are the relative documents:
I) "Guide to Study in China under Chinese Government Scholarship Program" (CD)

II) "Instructions for students' online application for studying in China under Chinese Government Scholarship"

III) "Foreign Physical Examination Form"

It is highly appreciated if the esteemed Ministry could keep the department concerned informed to take necessary arrangements for the admission and go through the relevant formalities as early as possible.