Marketing Plan in University Libraries

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Marketing Plan in University Libraries
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:55:31 PM »
A good marketing plan begins with a mission statement that defines the objectives of the library or the information center, which includes an identification of the target market segments. Realistic and measurable targets set should be subjected to ongoing evaluation process as part of the marketing plan, and used to adjust or revise the marketing activities.

For a library that recognizes marketing plan and has this orientation in its services will be the closest to its users. Marketing plan must be understood and implemented in a comprehensive way. No one plan will serve the purpose. Customers / users are at the heart of the library or all marketing plan. Marketing plan needs to be developed and implemented with ongoing enhancement of the services and products.

Marketing plan of the library is a set of practical techniques and proven processes which can be applied to all aspects of service planning, service delivery and service evaluation. Effective service planning begins with market research, analysis of needs and preferences of the user community. Effective service delivery requires market awareness, a carefully planned strategy of promotional activity.

Dr. Md. Milan Khan