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Re: Goal
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Is a child learning to walk, goal oriented?

How is a child inquisitive and goal oriented? When a child sees something at a distance, it is attracted and wants to find out more about it. It cries and when mother picks up the child, he/she points to the thing of interest. To get to its target the child learns to crawl and eventually to walk. The child even licks the floor to find out the taste of the floor. The child will drop things to find/enjoy the sound the thing makes. So the child will try to achieve its target or goal regardless of what happens!

As young adults have we lost our child-like goal driven attitudes? As adults, each is in a better position to think about what he/she wants to achieve, something that would give him/her happiness. This is not easy to set. Sometimes we need to adjust our goals. However, if we do not have any goal at all, we would be wandering around aimlessly.  Doing things aimlessly leads to nowhere.

How can the situation be addressed?

The poster on the right gives some ideas on how to overcome the situation. Study the poster. Form your own ideas to extend the ideas on the poster or add ideas. Give posts on your ideas.

Eventually, the team responsible for "GOALs" will have to design a workshop that can be conducted by them and others in all other departments.
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