petco positive dog training

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petco positive dog training
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:57:39 PM »
At Petco, we encourage pet parents take a positive approach to make dog training an enjoyable, fulfilling activity. By nurturing bonds with dogs through positive reinforcement, the training process becomes easier for everyone involved.

Petco Positive Dog Training
Offers fun, educational classes in a safe setting
Teaches pet parents how dogs think, learn and communicate
Provide advice on how to encourage and reward polite dog manners in real-world situations
Promotes a relationship of mutual respect and trust
Our Professional Dog Trainers undergo an intense 16-week training program that is updated yearly with the most cutting-edge methods, ideas and principles. Classes utilize proven, science-based training principles based on research conducted by internationally renowned psychologist and behaviorist, B.F. Skinner.

To help dogs retain positive behaviors, our classes keep a dog's mind engaged and in a constant state of learning while our trainers closely observe how dogs are responding to their pet parents to optimize training. This includes:

Dog-friendly communication – rewarding good and ignoring inappropriate behavior
Instruction – guidance from our professional dog trainers on how to teach a behavior and cater to a dog's specific needs
Enrichment – keeping a dog's mind engaged by encouraging dog to identify what behavior is being rewarded
Environmental Management – setting dogs up for success in any situation
Compassion – strengthening the bond between pet and pet parents
Training and classes are for dogs only. Current vaccinations required. Available in select locations. Class selection may vary by location.